Deep Inside the Theory


Tatyana Soloveva


In the Beginning

I remember clearly how it all started. About ten years ago I had a business trip to some small scientific city. In that beautiful autumn morning, I was on my way to work, when of a sudden, I got a thought: “The human is a biological robot”. Who said it? I stopped, turned my head to the one side then to another, nobody was around. What? We are robots? Nonsense! Foolishness! Since I didn’t hear anything else at that moment, I decided that it was only my imagination. I came to work, worked the whole day and completely forgot about the morning event. But in the evening, when I walked to the hotel, I heard that thought again in the additional interpretation: “The human being is a biological robot and the soul is a source of life for a human”. And that was just a beginning.

Since that time my life became increasingly metaphysical and I never stopped to think about it. I started looking and reading everything available about that subject – the philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes, Nikolai Berdyaev and etc. No one of them was able to obtain a satisfactory answer. Soon I got a thought: “Your soul is a cherub”. Ok, fine, let it be a cherub. Whatever. At that time I knew nothing about the soul ranges, about who was who on the “spiritual ladder”.

The skeleton of this theory was written at once, when I got an invitation to participate in the conference of bio-energy healers. It was a former Soviet Union and I was a member of the association of bio-energy healers, or how we called it – the Association of Extrasenses. That first version of theory was of course far from the current. At that time I put down only that we are dualistic creatures, we have souls and the soul looks such and such. The rest of the article was dedicated exceptionally to extrasensory perception and the bio-energy healing problems. Actually I was very confused by such unusual interpretation of the human nature, and, when I had stepped to the podium and started to speak I didn’t know what to expect from the auditory. To my very big surprise, it was taken with a tremendous interest and attention, and after presentation the people surrounded me, asking a lot of questions. I realized that a lot of people had shared my point of view. The article was taken from me with an intention to be published, but I never was able to verify it.

I remember the young girl and her mother. They were standing near me and whispering something to each other. Then the woman told me that her daughter was able to see past reincarnations. She told me that in my previous reincarnation I had lived in China between fourteen and fifteen centuries. My father was a vizier, the second person in the country, and my girlfriend was a daughter of the first person, but I didn’t live long there, and had died approximately at the age of fifteen or sixteen. This means that I didn’t get enough experience from my previous life and my current reincarnation like the first one. It was amazing. Especially vivid and bright memories about China, I had in my early childhood, where the word China, the Chinese pictures that reflected the fragments of the ancient life in China, was very exciting moments of my life, and I had thought that no one country was as beautiful as China.

The next portion of revelations I had when I already lived in USA. I was sitting on the sofa and reading some banal story about love triangle or something like that. Suddenly the ordinary flow of the thoughts was interrupted and I started hearing the next information: there’re only two types of sells – energy and consciousness, and every sell of energy has mind; our creation is a womb; outside of the Universe there is a civilization of Giants, and they are “too big and heavy” for the light cosmic energy; humanity produces the heavy energy for them; our world is four dimensional; Jesus Christ is a builder of the universe; the method of joining of the energy and consciousness cell is KRY….ATION, or may be KRY….IZATION. In the middle of that word I saw the wide white lane (enough for three to four letters), and at the same time got a regretful thought: “Anyway, you are not able to understand it”.

All of that, I mean all information about the hidden life of the universe, was so shocking to me. I was so confused and long time after that I lived in the state of shock and astonishment. After some time I start feeling the presser inside my mind and the request to write the book. I was fighting that feeling as long as I could, however soon I start making the first written notes. So everything was relatively clear. I had all basic statements and just used my human logic to complete the theory, kind of: if our world is a womb it should be fetus inside; or from history of humanity we know that man dominates women, it means that the fetus is a boy, and etc. When I completed the book and said myself that this is it, I am done; I got strong feeling that something around me start changing, start singing a glory. The civilization of giants was very interested how humanity accepts this theory and impatiently started pushing me to publish it. Finally, I got my website, and placed my writings there.

Like so many writers, I have discovered that writing a book is the best way to investigate a subject. I was really forced to immerse myself in the idea of the soul’s existence until I became an expert at it. I started collecting the information, formulizing the consequences that show me the obvious internal connection among all evidence in the world, among all religions and philosophies. I feel growing confidence in the reality of this new world opening up to me. There is some undoubted internal confidence of truth familiar to everybody who experienced it. The moments of enlightenment are very short, but every time it brings something new in the picture of knowledge. It brings the feeling of another reality – something that is impossible to imitate, and impossible to be mistaken in. That other reality is four-dimensional, well-structured and regulated, infinite and conscious. And step-by-step the line becomes visible, uninterruptedly going through all myths, religions, philosophies and sciences, toward the fourth-dimensional continuum of consciousness and energy.

I respect the rules of logic and I believe there is a rational explanation of the nature of reality. Every phenomenon can be reduced to its simplest components. I believe that the final theory of consciousness and of the basic structure of creation has the same remarkable simplicity, elegance and beauty as the existing physical theories. The more I studied the various theories of consciousness, the more I became convinced that the only rational explanation of the existence of both consciousness and matter is some form of dualism, holding that both of them are real but separated. Actually this position requires a miracle to explain how two utterly different and separated substances could ever interact. And they do interact moment by moment in our own experience.

Providing new insights into spiritual and material existence, this work constitutes the basis of all truths and of all spirituality. In this book I offer a new kind of theory of consciousness and give detailed, full explanation of how the “ghost enters the machine”. The soul, being a unique property of every living human being, is the source of human life and human consciousness. In its turn, consciousness in conjunction with matter is the eternal root system from which sprang the magnificent tree of life, from which the whole process of life is created and governed.

This work introduces a new science that follows strict definite rules and these rules are based on traditional mathematics. But the crucial realization that led me to develop this science is that our senses are not the true reflectors and representatives of the surrounding world, but carefully built filters. We are surrounded by the invisible world having its own laws and rules. The human being is not what we see by our eyes. The human is an extremely complex bio-energy system specifically designed to perform its particular and very important tasks. It took me a decade to get this result, and to realize just how fundamental this new science is.

Increasingly, I have come to view this theory as one of the most important single discoveries in the whole history of humanity. In retrospect there is no reason this theory could not have been developed centuries ago. Moreover, some of the philosophers like Plato and Descartes had come very close to it. In addition to opening up a brand new vision of the human being, this theory implies a radical rethinking of how processes in nature and elsewhere work. This science gives us the resolution to what has been considered the single greatest mystery of the natural world – the principle of conscious life. In fact, consciousness is one of the most striking features of the natural world. The complexity of consciousness doesn’t leave any doubt in the work of a supernatural being.

This new science is built on a dualistic principle of the natural world, and the major idea is that everything is alive. The lifeless matter is only seemingly lifeless, and in reality has its own spiritual part named mind. Consciousness and mind are two basic spiritual components of the natural world, and everything is built using only them. This theory describes how these two components act together producing the most startling aspect of the human nature – the human consciousness. The behavior of the human being is a complex product of a combined action of consciousness and mind. Within the framework of this new science, I raise the questions about the reality existing outside of the universe, and about the Supernatural Being who has built the creation itself.

Soul Place in the Human World

This book is going to perform an interesting journey to the invisible world of the soul carefully investigate it and open up the depths of the soul’s existence. The mystery of the soul must be opened to the world. The physical reality, where we live, does not end with what we see or even with what we can now detect, but goes on into the conscious realm full of unusually looking creatures named the souls.

What is soul? What do we mean by it? My soul, your soul, deeply in the soul – we often use this word without a real understanding of it. The soul has always been representationally unknown and, through centuries, deep-thinking minds tried to define the soul and its relation to the human being. A lot of theories have been created from the dawn of early Greek civilization till our days. A lot of efforts have been made to solve this mystery, but, as we can see, the problem stays here. We still do not know whether soul fills a volume of space and has objective qualities and values as size, weight and appearance, or not? Is it substance or what? Can we recognize its existence as a subjective reality? Solving this mystery and answering to all these and many more questions, is a goal of this book. This work, exploring the links between the natural and supernatural, between the human and the soul, reveals the secret places and activities of the unseen world, and illuminates the mysteries of the universe and the soul.

The soul is a source of life for a human. At night soul goes out of the body through the under-nape hole and takes energy from the space. For this reason, we have to sleep every night. In the morning we wake up full of energy and ready for the next day. Mostly, the nighttime is the only time for the soul to get some rest outside of the human body. The soul location’s in the human head is between the brain and the parietal bone (the top of our head). The human’s body has been covered by the soul from the top of our head to the groin. It looks like we live inside a cocoon, behind the shield, created by the soul for our protection. However, the soul’s duty is not limited by the living in human body. The soul, being an active agent of the universe, is performing all variety of jobs within the universe, such as:

-          serving inside the giant’s office;

-          helping the soul in her afterlife;

-          defending the universe from the intruders, and many more.

Besides it, the soul is the best healer in the world, and the soul’s rays can heal any disease, from a simple inflammation to a complex disease, as cancer or some born in diseases, normally requiring a surgery. I was awaked once during one of the sessions, and these unique moments gave me the priceless knowledge about the hidden world of souls. It had never been repeated again in my life. At that moment I was able not only to watch some details of the healing session, but also to register separately my thoughts and the soul’s thoughts. Being without the soul, I still had an ability to read minds. It means that the telepathy, the ability to hear somebody’s thoughts, is performed by the mind.

Early Concepts of the Soul

Soul has been a great mystery since the beginning of civilization. Many philosophers, scientists and other researchers investigated the existence of the soul and its relation to the body. Throughout history, religions, both ancient and modern, had held beliefs of spiritual beings that mediate between the One transcendental realm of the sacred and the human dualistic world. The major role in these beliefs belonged to the spirits of nature. It is seen from the primitive ideas concerning a magical power of sun, moon, stars, thunder, wind and etc. Like many cultures, the early Greeks thinkers tried to understand the nature of the soul.  Diogenes and Pythagoreans, for example, identified soul with air. Democritus held that soul is a sort of fire or heat. The other thinkers declared soul to be water (Hippon), or even to be blood (Critias). These primitive ideas, helping to establish the connection between the visible and invisible world, in reality, were a search for the prime mover in the power of nature. A century was replaced by another century; however, the concept of the soul remained the same enigma. Its exact nature was never fully understood. Yet, many of thinkers still persist in trying to resolve this enigma. The most elaborate and multiform concept of the soul ever devised was that of the ancient Egyptians.

The remains of Egyptian’s civilization such as the pyramids of Giza, the mummies of Pharaohs, the hieroglyphic records tell us that Egyptian society had a huge concern about the afterlife. Egypt devoted a great part of its national resources to life beyond death. They are strongly believed in the after-death life, where you are never hungry, never sick, never cold, and therefore you are ever happy. According to Egyptians, the human being after death is reborn into the spirit, and at night it goes out of the tomb, and at daytime it returns back to the tomb. For this reason they equipped the deceased person with food, jewelry, cosmetics and money, being assured that all this will be used in the afterlife.

For Egyptians, every human being had two aspects – some physical and some incorporeal. Each of them was part of the soul, and both of them were playing a crucial role in preparation for the next world. According to Egyptians, every human being had a few kinds of souls related to the natural body, a spiritual body, the heart, a double and the shadow, and they saw the heart as an essence of life, as a sit of all emotions. As an emblem of the soul Egypt used the birds. The one of them, the human-headed bird was believed to provide mobility for the person in the afterlife and to bring nourishment to the mummy to sustain it. Generally inactive during life, the human-headed bird was considered essential in the after-realm. The image of the soul as a bird was accepted by numerous cultures. Birds were often thought to lead souls to paradise. In Syria, for instance, the eagle was said to perform this function. That belief also held by the early Romans, who released an eagle at an emperor’s funeral ceremony. They believed that an eagle could lead the dead monarch’s soul to the realm of the gods.

The Greek thinkers also tried to resolve the mystery of the soul. One of the early Greek philosophers, who developed quite unordinary theory of the soul more than two thousand years ago, was Plato. The soul of Plato is presented entirely as a thinking being, distinct from the body and reasoning toward truth and virtue. Plato gave us an inspiring picture of the soul, which now had to navigate an entirely new way of looking at the world. Central to Plato’s philosophy was his “two-world” theory of Forms. One world is our visible world, marked by change, impermanence, and decay, and the other one is invisible world of Souls, realm of perfection, where things do not suffer any change. The most important in Plato’s vision is that two worlds are interrelated and the world of Souls can exist independently from our visible world. As well as believing in the reality of Forms, Plato believed in the immortality of the soul. According to Plato the soul is an entity, and that entity is fundamentally distinct from the body. The soul of Plato is simple, not composite, and thus is not liable to death and dissolution as the human body. He taught that after death the soul would be free from the body and would return to its original condition.

The God of Plato did not create the world out of nothing, but reorganized existing already material. God gave intellect to the soul, and gave soul to the human. Thus the human is regarded as an immortal soul in a mortal body. According to Plato the soul consists of three potentially conflicting energies, which animate human beings: Reason, Emotion and Appetite. Plato is giving the greatest value to Reason, while Emotion and Appetite are taken as the “lower passions”. So, the soul being governed by Reason keeps Emotions and Appetites under control. According to Plato the soul is needed to animate the body and, the soul departs the body at death. The idea of life is identified as life with the soul. To die is thus to lose one’s life – that is, one’s soul. But Plato is not speaking about the soul itself as dying. Death is the separation of the soul from the human body. So, the soul itself is not susceptible of death. Hence, the soul is immortal. In Plato’s thoughts, the soul is more important than the body, and it already contains the knowledge of the Forms. Thus, our knowledge does not depend on learning, much less being taught. We are born with this knowledge. Therefore, the soul is the basis of intellectual as well as moral life, and it is the only thing in life truly worth worrying about.

The split in visions of the soul had started with Plato’s student, Aristotle, who developed a new theory, distinct from the early Greeks and from Plato’s idealistic view.

Aristotle was the most famous critic of Plato’s theory of Forms. He taught that the soul was material and vanished after death. He determined soul as the principle of animal life. Aristotle did not separate the soul from the body and yet he did not equate them. Aristotle describes the soul and body as being complements of each other, rather than being polar. In De Anima (On the Soul) Aristotle raised many hard questions in his model of the soul, naming several distinct functions of the soul, but even so only rational thought was given uniquely human status, and thus seen to be eternal. According to Aristotle, the soul is that by which we live, feel, perceive, move and understand, or, in other words, the soul is the principle of animal life, the infuser of the physical body with life. From one side, Aristotle pointed out that soul is not just another mass inside of the human body, or an outside mass pushing or pulling on the body. Soul is not a spirit imprisoned in the flesh, and soul is not an independently existing thing. It is also not a pure movement in itself. And soul cannot be counted nor divided into parts. From the other side, the soul is very real for Aristotle. It is a substance and this substance exists. It is a base substance, though it is immovable.

The soul of Aristotle is a form of some body, the principal of life in something material, thus it requires the body to exist, being itself a pure abstraction. The soul has power to determine and control the actions of the body and soul is as real as the human body. Thus, by Aristotle soul is a mover and at the same time, soul is immovable itself. There is something paradoxical in Aristotle’s arguments that soul, not being a body, cannot exist without the body. In spite of it, the soul for Aristotle is the real powerful and mysterious substance, and this substance is the principle of life, feelings and thoughts in human beings. Something that is a source of life and does not exist in space and time leaves us with the same question of the soul.

The other one philosopher, who made a big contribution in the science of the soul, and who based his thinking on Aristotle’s concepts, was Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican priest, who lived in the thirteenth century. In the Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas sees the soul as a mover of the human body. From that point, he is making a conclusion that the soul is nothing more than the body, because that which moves a body is another body itself. Although, Thomas Aquinas accepts the Aristotelian point of view that the soul is not a physical entity and does not require the physical movement, he sees the soul as the invisible other body. Thomas Aquinas believed that the soul exists and is the prime mover of every living human being without having to move in and of itself, and without itself being an ordinary body. According to Aquinas, the soul is nothing more than an attribute of the body, a characteristic of a living body. Thus the soul, being the first principle of the life, and being inseparable from the body, is the action of the body, and nothing more than that.

The dualism or, the idea of the fundamental distinction between consciousness and body was the product of many centuries of intellectual development. Beginning with the dualism of Socrates, Plato and later Descartes, people have spoken and thought of human nature as having two parts, the mental and the physical. Descartes in his turn established dualism as the predominant framework. He proposed a thinking mind distinct from the body that was very much like Plato’s soul. The Socratic and Platonic conception of a person as a mind or soul, quite distinct from the human body, became crystallized in Descartes’ metaphysics.  Descartes defined the soul to be totally and absolutely distinct from the body. According to Descartes, if the characteristic of matter is to occupy space, than the characteristic of the soul is a thought. Descartes stated that soul and body have especially close relationships and they could affect each other. He taught that soul and body is intimately united, but it is the soul that makes us what we really are. Actually, for Descartes, his philosophical ideas had some mystical character. He had a dream that he interpreted as a revelation. He became convinced that a Spirit of Truth opened to him all the treasures of knowledge. So, he felt a strong impulse to devote his life to the restoration of human knowledge.

Descartes gave the greatest value to the passion of Love, to which a lot of others are reduced. According to Descartes, we are confronted with two basic realities: matter, which is extended, and soul, which thinks and is not extended. So, human, being a soul however has a body. Descartes located the soul to the pineal gland, a small, single (i.e. untwined) gland in the brain, behind and between the eyes. In Descartes’ vision the human being is a thought and the thought is the only thing that belongs to us and cannot be separated from us. All human activities such as understanding, imagining, feeling, desiring – Descartes calls the soul. These activities cannot take place without consciousness, without the thought. Hence, the thought is the essential attribute of the soul. The soul is a thing that thinks and nothing else. So, the thought and the soul are equivalent. In that way or another, the thought is always active. I exist while I am thinking.

The main problem of all these theories has been to show the natural and essential union, how actually these two beings, the body and the soul, are related to each other. Neither Descartes, nor his predecessor Plato, nor all their successors were able to obtain a satisfactory answer. In spite of it, all of these doctrines, establishing the separate existence of the soul, did prepare the way for the final theory of the soul.

The Hidden World

Soul is a spiritual being, and man has used the word “soul” in many different ways. It is sometimes used for pointing out the invisible part of our “I”. Sometimes it associates with movements – physical or mental. Most often throughout the ages the soul was called an angel. Man has always looked to them for protection, guidance and to serve as his intermediary to the Supreme Being. Souls-angels still keep their magical popularity in our days. There are a lot of songs, cards and souvenirs that represent angels in some form. So, what or who are they? Why they are so popular even today? Souls belong to an extraordinary and unexpected world, and in reality they are messengers, revealers of the truth and mediators between Giant – God and our dualistic world of space and time. So, giant’s world is communicated with humanity through these messengers.

Now we can see that parallel to our civilization there exists one more form of life, invisible and quite unusual, and this form of life has intelligence. Souls are not sexually differentiated; they do not reproduce, but are directly created. The number of the souls is billions, depending on the number of planets having a conscious life within it. We cannot take them as civilization, because they are not reproducing themselves and do not create generations. It is just a unity, some kind of a society. The souls were created using the same universal law of life: every living intelligent substance in creation is a symbiosis of two entities, mental and physical. Soul is a universal creature, having the ability to exist everywhere, within atmosphere or without. The soul’s lifetime is not limited as the human’s is. Souls were created and trained to be helpers, or even servants for Giant’s civilization. Obviously they were created before universe and humanity. Let us take a closer look at them, discussing the internal world and the character of these unusual species. We will see literally how our souls are built, how and why they exist.

It is not easy to describe the internal world and the character of the soul. Obviously there exist some features common to all living souls. Everybody can get some information from himself. Nobody knows your own soul better than you do. Without any doubt – every soul is unique. Belonging to one range doesn’t mean that all of these souls are the same. All living souls are distinct from each other, because every cell of consciousness existing in the soul’s brain is unique. Besides it, every mattered cell of the soul’s body is unique too. So the internal world and character of every soul are formed from the mental and mattered cells. Nevertheless the commonest features of the soul we can mark are:

-          Law; every soul obeys the divine law, which states that the soul is giant’s servant and an agent of the universe;

-    Love; Love is a fundamental unity of all souls, binding every separate

soul in one whole, in spite of what range the soul is;

-          Knowledge; every soul is the unique owner of the part of divine knowledge and shares the whole absolute divine knowledge with all living souls.

The soul is not a dualistic creature like us, but having the numerous cells of consciousness within its brain (every cell of consciousness has a unique character), creates sometimes that eternal conflict and painful division that a human being feels inside himself. Such complex combination of the consciousness’ cells creates time-by-time disharmony at the common chorus of their voices. From this note it logically follows that giant feel tearing apart pain inside himself much stronger, because he has more consciousness cells in the brain. Life has split itself up into two major entities to make itself simpler, to be able to reproduce and to develop itself. However, even the relatively simple creature – the soul – is too complex to be fully understood by the human being.

The common idea of the soul’s functions at any range is serving giant’s civilization. Let’s take Virtues for example. The function performed by Virtues is a very important one, because Virtues escort the soul when the body has to be born, and escort the soul after the death of the body.  I had met once in the space the big group of Virtues waiting the upcoming soul-cherub that had to be born on the earth in the morning. The functions of every soul depend on the soul range. Every range of the souls is unique and cannot exist without all others. They are codependent, supplement each other, and being taken together makes the universe one perfectly working machine. The souls are not tied up to one particular planet forever. Not at all. They are rather being transferred, moving from planet to planet after the death of the body. The historical development of every civilization is identical, but an epoch, a century is different on the given time.

From the soul’s nine ranges, the Powers were created first. The major function of Powers is the protection of the universe’s borders from a hostile infiltration. For a weapon they use an ordinary energy that is lit up everywhere. The beam of energy is a formidable weapon, being able to destroy the mattered part of any creature. The intruders are ordinary coming from Chaos, from the unstructured part of Creation, hunting for the human bodies. Getting the human body, they can destroy the life of a whole country, or even a whole planet. If intruders are numbered, Powers are calling around for the help. I remember myself participating once in the battle, fighting against eagle-like looking intruders.

The souls participating in the battle had showed a high spirit, and they were ready to fight to the death, defending their own home. Opposing them, intruders looked like thieves, like robbers that were trying to get something that did not belong to them. That mix of emotions was noteworthy, and it seemed that intruders from the very beginning knew that they never won. They looked like the desperate crowd storming the unapproachable fortress. The beam of energy had appeared in my “hand” suddenly by the small effort of my mind. The souls use the borders between the body sectors as a hand, and that hand is a very powerful one. That beam of energy is not really huge, just appropriate to the size of the soul’s body, and, fighting, the soul raising and lowering it. Soon, the intruders were thrown out of the universe and, satisfied by the victory, we had returned to our duties. The beam of energy disappeared or, I would say, dissolved in the space at the same way, by the small effort of my mind. Actually energy is the only weapon in the universe and that weapon has been frequently used in the form of a ball. The lighting-ball appearing time by time in the storming skies is a typical example of that form of energy.

The human body is a temporary home, a work place for the soul. Therefore, the soul, living inside of the human body, simultaneously performs important functions:

- It animates the human body;

- It arouses the human self-consciousness;

- It supplies the human body with energy;

- It supplies the human being with knowledge;

- It protects the human body from injury, from illnesses;

- It heals the human body from very serious diseases, ordinarily requiring surgery;

- It is the source of perception, creativity, imagination, the source of all emotions for a

human, such as joy, desire, happiness, the source of music and beauty perception, and

the source of intellect.


Among spiritual creatures, Jesus is staying aside from all souls. Souls don’t see him frequently; don’t meet him on the space pathways. However, every soul knows that Jesus is doing the most important and complex job in the universe – building planets and, thus expanding the universe. Besides it, Jesus is the major comforter for suffering souls, supporting and helping them by generously sending the waves of love to them. The relationships between Jesus and the souls are similar to these between the older brother and his smaller brothers and sisters. The soul feels deep respect and love for Jesus, and in relations with Jesus the soul never takes itself as a careless child but as a responsible one. Jesus, same as soul being a pure spiritual substance, is still one step above on a spiritual ladder. I had seen him four or five times, but it never was as close as I saw the Giant, and every time between us was a wall of the distorted dimension. This wall actually is completely transparent and you can see every detail through it, in spite of the fact that the visual object is still very far from you. At these times I had had a completely unusual feeling of a gigantic wave of love that was pouring out on me through that wall comforting and warming my soul a lot. Moreover, during these sessions Jesus was continuing the amazing process of building, not stopping even for a moment.

Notion of Freedom

The soul, being created by necessity, must follow the law, which is baby – God. It means that the soul is not free and must perform its functions for which soul was created. The, freedom and free will, in the true sense of these terms, do not in fact exist. There is determinism rather than free will. Nobody is free within the world – nor humanity, nor souls, nor giants, and everyone acts, not only under the inner compulsion, but also in accordance with the outer necessity. However, in case of humanity, the notion of freedom has some nuance, since the human is the only dualistic creature within creation. The human self is a symbiosis of conscious and unconscious parts, and the unconscious part is definitely larger. Therefore, much of the human self and human behavior is unconscious, automatic and reflexive, and for this reason some of the human’s activity is not forced upon him, but results from the free choice and free will made by himself. However, if that free will is going in contradiction to the will of Supreme Intelligence, the human is being pushed back and will ultimately suffer. The place where we are relatively free is our thoughts, and the thoughts are remarkable in their fluidity and ease. Thoughts, being a product of mind, defy the laws of physics, freely violating the constraints of space, time, and matter. The capacity of thoughts to be substituted without restriction for one another testifies to the freedom of thought. However the direction of the human thoughts is given by the soul, thus the notion of freedom remains relative.

Souls take themselves as a community united by common tasks and goals. They were created alike, they look alike, they speak alike, they behave alike, and they motivate and accept life alike. The most common features among them are fellowship, respect, mutual understanding, and mutual liberation. Moreover, the souls, from the distinct ranges, are always ready to support and help each other, since they were created for the common business – to run the perfect machine of the universe and keep the world of giants alive. Among all the soul’s functions the function of living inside of the human body and thus the function of a communication with a human, is the most important and complex one, and, obviously, it is not easy for the soul to communicate with us.

The Condition of Perceiving

The dictionary definition of consciousness is “the awareness of something within oneself”, or “the condition of perceiving”. By the way, the English word consciousness comes from two Latin words: con, with; and scio, to know, and means literally “that with which we know.” The Russian word consciousness in common sense means the same.

The classical sciences deny consciousness since they are not able to describe consciousness with some formal mechanism. In spite of it, we cannot say that consciousness doesn’t exist, because each of us is very experienced in it. We all have direct and immediate experience of consciousness, which we identify as our true selves. We all seem to know what it is to be conscious. But we still do not know the answers to the questions: Why do we have consciousness? What is consciousness? Does consciousness have different physics than that of our world? These questions, being among the most complicated, remain one of the major scientific challenges. Without any doubt, consciousness is the most complex thing in our universe. To resolve the enigma of consciousness, we need new theories, new description mechanisms. In reality we need a new science, because it is not easy to apply consciousness to any existing classical formal science. Currently, the problem of consciousness is not solved yet. Traditional science, in its effort to explain consciousness, only fragments it and thus negates and loses its very nature. All existing theories, in this way or another, are trying to explain consciousness by the phenomena of the human brain.

However, different societies understand consciousness in different ways. While the West treats consciousness as mind, the east strongly differentiates between them. Fully accepting the Eastern outlook, I have built this theory on the distinction between consciousness and mind.  Along with the more familiar elements and forces that formal science has already identified as building blocks of the physical world, consciousness and mind have been considered equally basic constituents of Mother Nature. Both of them equally coexist within the human body. They interrelate and interact with each other, creating that amazing thing, human self-consciousness. Within this symbiosis mind is a thinking part, and consciousness gives a direction to this thinking.

Consciousness is one of the two initial elements that created our world, and being itself remarkably simple, consciousness is a result of some underlying mechanism that is itself complex. This idea of the source of conscious life in creation has been able to explain a lot of existing issues of modern sciences. Yet, from the discovery of the mind produced by unconscious matter, might be developed a quite straightforward explanation of how it is that so many organisms exhibit such great complexity. The theory of consciousness is a single truly fundamental theory from which all known features of our universe have emerged.

The symbiosis of consciousness and energy, creating all variety of systems from the soul to the whole universe, is that principle that makes the same fundamental phenomena of the conscious life happen again and again, using the same basic scientific ideas and methods. And it is this that is ultimately responsible for the great power of human self-consciousness. Consciousness, by itself being a quite simple element of nature, creates a very high level of complexity of underlying physical systems. In the future of physics, the theory of consciousness will undoubtedly help us to build a truly fundamental theory of everything. Simple consciousness can produce a high level of complexity, and therefore the phenomenon of the human conscious self that has in the past seemed quite mysterious, can be explained now in full.

Intervals of Unconscious

The human life is punctuated by intervals of unconsciousness. Being exhausted at night, we close our eyes to fall asleep, and then morning comes immediately. There is a sense in which we are always awake, and always have been. Nobody remembers not being conscious. The function of sleep has always been a mystery to the physiologists, since it does not seem to be particularly restful for the body. At sleep, all human’s systems work on a regular basis. But deprivation from sleep a few days can lead a human to death.  Although there are known unsleeping persons keeping a good mental and physical health.  Such person has a soul immediately above the head, taking constant energy from the space. This dangerous position is not normal and actually is a result of some accident, more frequently of the near-death experience.

As I stated before, the soul and the body connect each other through the pineal gland. However, according to modern science, the pineal gland produces melatonin, the sleeping hormone, and thus, is responsible for the most complex function of the human psycho-energy system – the function of sleep. The sleepiness arises in our brain by the combined efforts of our mind and our soul. The low level of energy in body cells is the sign for our mind to release melatonin from the pineal gland to the blood, and at the same time to arise the awareness of sleep. The soul, reacting on that awareness, creates the conscious thought “to go to the bed”. Nowadays the sleep disorder is a really pandemic in the human world. Sleeplessness or insomnia is a disease created by the disharmony and imbalance between the soul and the mind. Mind, being in the stressed condition, is unable properly perform its functions. In spite of the low level of energy in body cells, the stressed mind is not arising the awareness of sleep, and is not releasing the melatonin. As a result, being completely exhausted, person stays awake.

A human being is a dualistic creature that must sleep every night, to let the soul possibility to get out and take some energy from the space. This is a major purpose of sleep. Since we cannot register the soul movements, what really happens in sleep are our dreams. Everyone dreams several times during every night of normal sleep. The contents of dreams often seem so weird and strange and might defy the laws of physics, the principles of logic, and personal morality. Dreams usually involve several characters, motion, and may include sensations of taste, smell, hearing, or pain. The content of dreams clearly reflects daytime activities. While some people report dreaming only in black and white, others dream in color. However many people do not remember their dreams, and most people recall only the last dream prior to awakening. There are a lot of theories attempting to explain why we dream.

The first and most famous dream theorist of the modern era, Sigmund Freud, said that the function of dreams was to preserve sleep. However, this theory is contradicted by the fact that dreams happen very regularly at least five or six times per night in an active stage of sleep. In other words, dreams do not just happen as we are about to wake up due to hunger pangs, or the need to go to the bathroom.

The other famous dream theorist of the modern era was Carl Jung. He developed a very different theory, and claimed that the function of dreams is to compensate for those parts of total personality that are underdeveloped in waking life. Indeed, Calvin Hall, another researcher, suggests that dream content is continuous with waking thought and behavior. That is, if we are outgoing and active in our waking life, and not very introspective and reflective, then so too is our dream life, which contradicts Jung’s view. Still other dream theorists say that dreams have a problem-solving function. Dreams supposedly deal with problems we cannot solve in waking life. But a variety of systematic studies find precious little support for this view. Nevertheless, dreams are a part of our lives, and looking at them in the light of waking day and believing that they may be full of insight, we may sometimes come up with new ideas or insights while studying them.

Since Sigmund Freud called the dreams – “the royal road to the unconscious”, the dream is the one of the fields of inquiry for studying the mind. In the most cases, dreams are created by the consciousness of the body. Actually this consciousness is not a really consciousness. It is a mind. So, we can say that our dreams are coming from the matter of our body. Our brain, being deprived of the leading role of the soul, cannot create fully logical images of reality. The major reason is a plurality of the mind. Mind is plural by nature and cannot create a singular image. At the same time, consciousness is singular, and creates the unity of our being.

The capacity of dreams depends again on the soul’s activity. More frequently, the soul just takes energy from the space, comes back and spends the rest of the night here on the pillow, near the body. In this case, our consciousness is switched to the brain consciousness and we see a mind-created fragmentary and irrational world. Soul, anyway, is here and can restore the bond with the body at any moment. But, when the soul is going far away, the bond with the body becomes weak and can be interrupted for this reason. To avoid it, the soul prefers to keep the body consciousness within itself. Therefore, in this case the human consciousness is switched to the soul consciousness. But, ordinarily, it does not happen frequently. Mostly, the body consciousness overtakes and we have the weak and deformed reflection of the contents of human consciousness. That is why, in general, dreams are difficult to understand.

In sleep the soul is out and the shield that hides from us the three-fourths of the world is out, too. So, we can see and study psi-mattered substances just at nighttime, when the soul is out for energy. But we are sleeping and we do not have our daily consciousness at that time. The condition of half a dream might be useful in that case. At the moment immediately preceding the awakening, the brain’s consciousness is already awake, but the soul is still outside of the body. At this moment, our consciousness is able to register the psi-mattered substances around, if of course, they happen at that moment. The other way doesn’t exist. When the soul is out, we are sleeping or unconscious. When the soul is in, we are behind the shield. A lot of exiting moments of my theory I got from my dreams. There is an interrelation between the real and unreal in our dreams. Sometimes, when I woke up in the morning, I had a feeling that I was in some strange and unusual place; like that I described in my previous articles, where I went through astonishing and breathtaking events. After that, everything that I knew in my life, everything I was in touch with, seemed unimportant and deprived of any interest.

So, I started investigating my dreams. That was the only way to get information about the soul. In the state of half a dream, the consciousness is shifted at the brain level. I am able to rationally and insensibly to observe all states of my combined consciousness, and even separate the soul consciousness from the brain consciousness. It placed me in the position of viewing of the soul in its true form. That unusual state gives me the possibility to hear the thoughts of the soul separately from the brain itself. In the state of full consciousness it would never be possible.

Once, I was awaked by my cat jumping on my bed requiring food. During these three or something seconds of half of dream state, I heard a clear thought: “Always disturb me, never let rest me enough.” And then, something was pulled into my head through the under-nape hole. The most interesting fact is, that thought was expressed as unhappily mumbling. It was an absolutely natural reaction of quietly resting creature on such rough disturbing. Thus the human consciousness can be examined, but self-examination never catches human consciousness in its natural state. Our inner life is not open for examination and introspection. Being in the state of dream, we do not have our daytime consciousness, our daytime personality. We do not realize our own existence. We do not distinguish ourselves from the common picture created by our minds. We are rather moving within that picture. The moment when we realize who we are is the moment of awakening. Thus, being in that state of mind we do not have any personality. Our daytime self is dissolved in the surrounding reality and obviously becomes a part of that reality, a part of the Oneness.


The idea of the invisible world, of the invisible dimension is not a new one. That idea existed from the very beginning of the human era. Humanity ever divided world for visible, the small part, and invisible, the rest of the world, and bound the last one with the fourth dimension. Most of us recognize that there is one world of everyday practical reality, and yet another world beyond the boundaries of common knowledge – a world of the mysteries of the unknowable. We live in the first world and from time to time we come in touch with the second world through our dreams, visionary experiences, and through the interactions with the inhabitants of the invisible world.

Human beings always suspected that there was some higher reality around them, and that the whole world was not what was visible. The mystery of death and birth was the greatest evidence of that invisible reality. And with the development of human consciousness, there comes discovery of the depth in existence, comes understanding of something more than all forms in which it shows itself. There is a lot of speculation about what exactly the fourth dimension is, as, for example, the one commonly accepted, that the fourth dimension is a time. But time just gives us an order and proximity and doesn’t measure a dimension. Time is not a condition of the universe’s existence; it is a condition of perception of reality by ourselves. And that perception is putting on reality a condition of time, because in other case it cannot accept it. Moreover, in the sense of the Whole Life Process, time doesn’t exist at all, and everything is ever existing. There is just the everlasting present, everlasting now. And the weak and limited human mind is unable to understand it, not even to imagine it.

Being three-dimensional creatures, we can easily touch the center of the two-dimensional object – the circle for example. Being a four-dimensional creature, the soul can easily touch any part inside our three-dimensional body. This is the way in which the soul gets in and out of the human body.

The psi-cell, being joined with the mattered cell, should occupy the same space. Matter, actually, is interchanged energy. According to the laws of physics, only non-identical substances can occupy the same space. So, psi and energy being two distinctive elements can be joined at one cell. For these reasons the quantum of molecules in the cell are still the same, but the substance, the entity of the cell is getting another level of being – the higher level.

If the soul is a source of energy for the body, and originates bodily movements, then obviously the soul performs work and interferes with the constancy of the sum of energy. The soul, performing work, is producing an additional energy. Six billions souls, living on the earth, create tons of energy every day. The strongest objections, raised by the progress of modern science against the idea of the soul’s existence, are based on the Law of the Conservation of Energy. This energy exists in two generically distinct states known as kinetic energy, or energy of motion, and potential energy, or energy of position. In classical physical science the energy is commonly defined as “the capacity of an agent for doing work”. By “work” scientists understand the production of motion against resistance. The Principle of the Law of the Conservation of Energy has been formulated, as “The sum of the kinetic and potential energies of a conservation system amid all changes remains constant”.  It applies only to an isolated or closed system. However, the universe, being a part of Chaos, is not an isolated and closed system at all. There is a constant flow of energy between the universe and Chaos, and between Chaos and the rest of Creation itself, and energy slowly but steadily has been dissolved into surrounding space. In this case the conservation of energy law doesn’t make any sense here.

The definition of our big parents’ reality requires the concept of a nonphysical dimension. The wonderful gift of a conscious existence has another existence under some other unimaginable conditions. That indescribable and unimaginable another reality is six-dimensional, and filled by creatures looking like a human. The sixth dimension is a dimension of Beauty. The reality of Beauty arises out of Ordinariness, and has an unimaginable state of space and time. There are “men” and “women” in that world, and the process of conception is similar to what humans get by coition. Same as the human’s, the fetus is growing up in the mother’s womb. Our creation is one of these wombs, carrying a growing up baby-boy. Thus, to reproduce themselves, they create worlds. They are moving forward carrying worlds within them. (We can get some information about our big parents’ world from the book “Ancient Greece Legends and Myths”). As a result of womb-shape, everything is curved in creation, including our universe. So, the structure of our creation has a feminine principle, and we live inside the ultimate feminine reality. As a result many of the ancient words for soul as psyche, pneuma, anima, are also feminine.

The creation process is started by splitting up the whole cell of beauty-conscious-energy into three separate cells of beauty, consciousness and energy. That division creates space, as a necessary condition for energy-matter to exist. Energy-matter is necessary in order for time to exist, and time is necessary in order for space to exist. The three of them are codependent, and the necessary condition for our level of conscious life to exist. As usual, first of all is created Chaos – the huge warehouse of consciousness and energy. Then, after some time and certain processes going on in the womb, chaos is divided in half and the firmament and light are created and filled by conscious life.

Ideally, all existing in the womb consciousness and energy has to be involved in the life process. When the free mass of energy and consciousness existing in Chaos, will reach the critical mass (almost equal zero), the creation-womb will collapse and baby-boy will be born. Therefore, the resurrection mentioned in the Bible, means that everybody who whenever lived in creation, will be reborn as part of that over-baby. Obviously, that the higher existence has a being as well as qualities, and the human physical life is a part of it. The complexity of relations between the physical life and that higher existence doesn’t leave any doubts.

The Phenomenon of Beauty

The dimension of Beauty arises out of Ordinariness. When we touch such a subject as Beauty, the first impression is about a feeling inside us, about something mental, coming from our sub-consciousness. However, this mental is always accompanied by vision, the quite physical action. Thus, the special structure of the physical world creates the sense of Beauty inside our sub-consciousness. So, Beauty is an objective reality by itself, and exists independently from our internal world. It means that Beauty is physical, and the dimension of Beauty is a spatial dimension. Moreover, there are objective laws of Beauty, which are based on strict mathematical laws. The perception of beauty is instinctive, and beauty is immediately recognized as met.

The phenomenon of beauty is not explained yet, but the perception of beauty is comes from the sensation of the form. There is reasonable conformity of the natural laws, by which some particular forms and lines are taken by our consciousness as being Absolute Beauty. Or, better, say energy that is transformed at such lines and forms, is taken by our consciousness as Beauty – the tight spiral of energy is making an unexpected turn, showing us the absolute perfection and beauty of its forms and lines. The strict mathematical law has been used to build their harmony, and the discovery of this law is equal to the discovery of the sixth dimension. The dimension of Beauty is the common conformity coming from Chaos, smoothing it out, and making harmonic a combination of its elements.

The mystery of Beauty, being a part of the spiritual world, lies in the depth of our personality, of our self-consciousness. The touch of Beauty sharpens our perception of the world, and lifts up that grandiose force of creativity and inspiration inside us. This is a major goal of beauty. The human being is not able to go out of the material world’s limitations, and all our feelings and perceptions are a reaction to quite earthly material things and events around us. However, in case of Beauty, the thought has not been created at all. Beauty as an element of a higher reality cannot be recognized by mind – our mind is too primitive for it; thus, beauty is directly perceived by our consciousness avoiding mind. By the way, I can say the same about the music.

Matter and Its Mind

There are over a billion neurons in the brain and each of these little brain cells discharge electrical impulses, which sent out particular kind of signals. Besides it each of these cells sends out the awareness, the spiritual element of every living cell. All of these spiritual elements constitute Mind that controls our thinking process, memory, motor responses and sensory impressions. Mind is not separated from the brain, but centralized in it, and is a functional part of it. The mind actually is a merely by-product of a properly functioning brain, and mind can be controlled by adjusting the electrical impulses that sent out by the cell.

Mind controls the matter, and mind works only in two regimes: automation and awareness. The major condition of the work of mind is automation. However if mind is not able to perform automation – something changes in the internal or external signals – the awareness is arising. When the mattered part of the cell is getting some disease, the mind of this cell is arising awareness and sending it to the central processor – the brain. The “voice” of one cell is too quiet, and the brain is unable to recognize it and to extract it from the loud “chorus” of the common awareness of the body. If this disease is growing up, involving more and more cells in the process, and taking a significant part of our awareness, this fact starts flashing in the common awareness. We are getting the unclear feeling that something is wrong. But this process is working unconsciously for us, and we do not have a conscious thought of it. The conscious thought can be arisen by the soul only. Obviously, the study of the mind’s language and decoding will allow us to stop any disease at the very beginning.   Any kind of disease of the human body can be healed by sending to the cell the appropriate impulse. This impulse has to contain the code for the mind to change the cell in a particular direction. In most cases, the bio-chemical formula of every disease is known now and has been decoded by modern science

The cell and its mind exist in one reality; they are inseparable from each other. They are functioning together. Moreover the mind has its own will separated from the soul’s will. The cell is a functioning material element of the body, and the mind is the immaterial symptom of the cell, which motivates the cell. The two work together in one combined action. If we accept the position that mind can be a healer of its matter, it means that the human being doesn’t need any medication at all. The way the mind works is not simply mechanistic, and mind is not simply registering everything coming from matter. It is not only mechanical reflex to particular stimuli. Our mind is kind of a primitive consciousness, a limited consciousness. And this kind of consciousness can make decisions by itself. But, in opposition to the soul’s monolithic consciousness, the mind’s work can be broken down into measurable and simple steps.

The sick cell gets the changes in its bio-chemical formula. The mind of the healthy cell is working on the automation regime most of the time, and actually it doesn’t need any awareness. Awareness is arisen when the automation cannot be performed, the automation is broken, and the mind not knowing what to do sends to the brain an appropriate electrical impulse about it. If the brain software has a decision for this particular case, it turns on the particular scenario of awareness. If it is not – there is always kind of “by default” scenario of awareness. For example, when our skin feels cold, the mind arises awareness of cold, using the existing for it scenario. The soul, reacting to this particular awareness, is raising the appropriate conscious thought in our brain. In case of stomach pain, the tooth pain, a scenario exists, and the appropriate awareness is arisen. So, we have an immediate knowledge that we are in pain, and where this pain is.

Cancer can occur when cells divide too rapidly or when cells “forget” how to die. It means that something is wrong with the mind of those cells. Cancer, being a quiet killer, and dramatically changing the cell, in most cases doesn’t create the pain, and the electrical impulse of this cell is unknown to the brain. The association in our brain with this kind of impulse doesn’t exist, and the scenario of the awareness is undetermined. As a result, the conscious thought about this problem has not arisen at all. The cell working in the automation regime has an ordinary “sound” of its mind; the coming out wave of electrical impulses is a kind of standard. If we can recognize it, we obviously can differentiate between automation and awareness. So the task is to get the whole picture of the work of mind.

The mind of every cell is able to send signals and accept orders from the central processor- our brain. Since mind and matter have been one single system, they influence each other, and cannot exist without each other. It means that when the mattered part of the cell is changing, it involves the changing process of the mind itself. This process has also an opposite movement. The proper impulse that has been send to the mind of the cell is able to change its mattered part also. Therefore, by influencing the mind, any kind of existing human’s disease can be healed out completely and without any medications.

Unusual state of consciousness

Through the centuries man never stopped to believe in the existence of the invisible world and of supernatural and magical forces coming from that world. He was always amazed and fascinated by the so-called ability for telepathy, for the reading mind, and to the vision through the walls or through time. The roots of that amazement are laid in our consciousness. Deeply inside us is hidden the intuitive feeling that we have it and we can do it. Both parts of our consciousness are involved in it. However, the soul, being more knowledgeable about the fourth dimension, is playing the leading role in supernatural activities.

The description of any unusual state of consciousness can be made from two points of view: from soul consciousness, or from brain consciousness. The position of the brain consciousness always creates the feeling of plurality, or being divided in multiple parts, because the brain consciousness is not singular and cannot embrace the extended reality inside itself. The position of the soul’s consciousness is the perfect one. Being in the state of the soul is like being itself. All senses are clear, and the state of the consciousness is singular. Now, everything inside your consciousness is united as one, creating an unusual condition of consciousness. At that moment, our combined consciousness is switched to the soul consciousness. And the soul now is not within the body, but out of it.

It is extremely difficult to describe the unknown. The unknown doesn’t look like something that we can suggest. First of all, everything exists in absolute union.   Everything explains something and, in its turn, can be explained from something. Everything is bound with each other. Therefore, it is impossible to describe this new world from one side, then from another side and etc. Our feeling is giving us the united and whole impression about that unknown world. Besides it, the soul consciousness doesn’t feel it like something unusual. For the soul, it is an ordinary, customary, every-day world. Just the brain consciousness registers it like something new and absolutely amazing. But, the presence of the brain consciousness is very weak now, and our brain cannot use the full power of its logic. Moreover, there are not enough words in the human language to describe that world.

Fourth Dimension

Our world, the world of psi-phenomena is naturally four-dimensional in the space-consciousness sense. Four numbers can describe each individual event from our world, namely three space coordinates x, y, z and consciousness coordinate the psi-value psi. So, our world is a four-dimensional continuum. For every event of this continuum there are as many neighboring events as we can choose. The coordinate x1, y1, z1, psi1 which differ by an indefinitely small amount from those of the event x, y, z, psi originally considered. Psi actually is absolute, i.e. it is independent of the position and the condition of motion of the system of coordinates.

Since the idea of the fourth dimension is widely used in math, there are a lot of formulas and mathematical expressions having four and more variables. No one existing mathematical axiom contradicts the idea of the fourth dimension. It is obvious now, that this idea existed inside us from the very beginning of the human era. We intuitively sense it, and this thought brings the suggestion that besides three known values of our dimension there exists the fourth one inaccessible to our comprehension. It means, somewhere nearby there is one more spatiality, but we cannot see this space and cannot get into it. The geometrical determination of the fourth dimension is impassible. We know the direction of three perpendiculars of our dimension, but we do not know how we can build the fourth perpendicular.

We know three types of geometrical figures: one dimensional – lines; two dimensional – planes; three dimensional – solids. The line is a track of the dot movement in the direction perpendicular to itself. The plane is a track of the line movement again in the direction perpendicular to itself. The rectangular solid is a track of the plane movement also in the perpendicular itself direction. If the fourth dimension is a track of the rectangular solid movement in the direction perpendicular to its three dimensions, then what kind of figure could it be? Obviously, the fourth coordinate lies outside of the existing physical laws.

The fourth dimension is seemingly inconceivable. Looks like something is absent in our psychics or in our reception. The events of the fourth dimension do not have any reflection in our consciousness. However, our mind is able to register it and arise the proper awareness, but the soul doesn’t want to react on it, and the conscious thought has not been created. This is the reason of our “blindness”. Nonetheless, sometimes by the corner of the eyes we can see some shadows and movements of the forth-dimensional species.

Life and Death

There are special moments in the history of humanity like September eleven, for example, when hundreds and thousands of people are killed. At these moments there arising the questions about eternal life and about the immortality of the human being. In our ordinary life we make a deal with death almost every day. For example, illness takes away our close relative. A deadly accident takes place and we lose our dearest friend.

But if our mental and spiritual life is finished with the death of the body, what is actually life itself? What is the difference between the life of a high moral person and the life of the thief or killer? If immortality doesn’t exist, then moral doesn’t exist either. The logical consequence from it is – “everything is allowed”. Why I have to care about somebody else, if that somebody and I have turned into lifeless matter and nothing else? If with the last beat of the heart I am turning into nothingness, then any moral responsibility has been removed from my life by that. It might be better to just enjoy life, without looking at any morality, or caring about the future.

Meanwhile, life itself as a gift of nature flows away without any meaning. That is why the human mind has never agreed with the idea of death, and the religious faith of all countries created the bodiless soul existing after the human death in the form of live bodiless creatures. Moreover, the Eastern religions created the idea of reincarnation. Science cannot rely on the miracle and faith, and completely deny the existence of the life after death. Therefore, science never took seriously the idea of the existence and immortality of the human soul, and that question was left for philosophy. However, if human life will be acknowledged not in the body but in the soul, then death doesn’t exist. Death is just a release from the body and the beginning of a new kind of life under another physical condition.

The human being always had the fear of death. The only reason for that fear is the uncertainty, the uncertainty to the future transformations to nothingness. To keep its consciousness is the major goal of every human being. What is death in reality? What actually happens to the mind and consciousness when the body ceases to exist? The answer depends on the determination of the basic concepts, of the fundamental principles of all existence, including material and conscious existence. We have to admit now, that in each person there resides a permanent, everlasting and absolute substance named the soul. The soul, being a seat of the human consciousness, is a really physical substance, and can exist independently from the human body. The death of the body is separation of the soul from the body’s bondage and continued existence under another physical condition, and there are several reports of past-life regressions, of afterlife and out-of-body experiences, and numerous accounts of spirit and ghostlike apparitions.

After the death of body, the soul is free and can go away. However, soul is not going anywhere and stays near the dead body three more days. The soul is waiting for Virtues that have to come and take it to the next place of being. What place that will be depends on the soul’s bodily life. To make a decision about the soul’s fate takes approximately forty days. After that time, the soul is going to the Extraterrestrial World or to hell. It is more or less clear now, what is going on with the soul. But, what about the matter of our body? What is going on with the mind of our body? Obviously that body, being buried under the ground, is getting decomposed. The mind of the body is losing its wholeness and becoming a part of the mind of another species and microorganisms. Hence, our mind doesn’t have a full disappearance at all, and is just changing its form and image.

So, nothing is really dying, and everything is just changing its shape, structure and image. After that, what can be scary about death? Therefore, the integrity of our mind exists while the body is alive. After the death of the body, mind is losing its wholeness and being dissolved into the other species minds. Only the soul remains the same and keeps its consciousness within itself. Every new reincarnation is automatically joining the soul consciousness with the newborn body-mind, creating a brand new human personality.

We all have a solid knowledge that people have been born and will die someday. In spite of it, most of us seem to feel that we will live forever, and deep inside us exists an intuition that we will never die. We have always been here and that we always will be here. Moreover, we have a feeling that the entire universe is centered on ourselves. Somehow, in spite of the fact that our lives are punctuated by intervals of unconsciousness (sleep time for example), we have a sense in which we are always conscious, and, certainly, nobody remembers, not being conscious. At the same time, a lot of people remember things that are not in their immediate experience and that are recollection of memories of previous lives. Thus such memories might be an evidence of having lived before. These memories were held by the soul while living in a different body. Based on the mysterious life-death principle, out of which everything emanates, the Eastern outlook created the idea of reincarnation, the idea of continuation of the soul’s life in a different body.

The Broken Machine

The human brain itself is a computer, a kind of  “hardware”. So, to be a physically and mentally healthy human being, is simply a matter of having properly connected soul and properly installed “computer programs” or software. By the way, the “wrong software” can cost a lot of problems in human life.  For instance – association itself with particular sex, also there is a list of diseases caused by it. Meanwhile, human, as a symbiosis of two entities suffers from a few kinds of illnesses: body illnesses, mind illnesses and illnesses caused by a wrong connection between body and soul. Mostly, the body illnesses are well known and relatively well treated. The mind illnesses are also well known but treated not so well, such as depression. The wrong connection between the soul and the body creates specific psychical diseases, such as schizophrenia or paranoia. This is the third type of the soul-body illnesses, and this type actually is not treated at all. All known medications and methods of treatment try to suppress the mind leaving untouched the major reason. In this case, the connection center between human brain and the soul is shifted back and, deprived of its regular place, the soul has a pressed uncomfortable position and cannot function properly. For this reason the human consciousness is broken up into its original parts – the brain consciousness and the soul consciousness, and hearing more than one voice in his head, the human behaves irrationally. In the soul’s “language” such a human is called the “broken machine”. Statistically speaking one percent of the human population has some form of this disease.

Inalienable Attribute of Life

Suffering is an inalienable attribute of our life. There are two kinds of sufferings: physical and mental, and both of them are equally represented in our lives. Our loved ones are dying. We are losing our jobs. We can get unexpectedly ill ourselves and strong physical pain might accompany this illness. At the same time, some of the moral suffering can be as strong as physical. Why does suffering exist at all? It makes us feel miserable. First of all, the existence of pain means that something is under development and is not perfect yet. Ultimately, through our suffering, we are led to knowledge of the unity of everything in creation, of the wisdom of Oneness. We are moving from one event of our life to another, experiencing all possible kinds of pain. However, pain is a good teacher, and at the end of life we have a profounder understanding of everything existing in the world. Through our pain, we are moving toward compassion, toward better understanding of others. Our creation is a growing baby, and the process of growth is accompanied by the pain.


Our reality is a unity of energy, the physical substance, and consciousness the mental substance, and it makes the nature of the whole creation and universe within it to be rational, moral, purposeful and conscious. The fundamental character of reality is change itself in the direction of growth and creativity, thus there is no permanence, no immutability in the world. Moreover, everything existing within creation: universe, chaos, the reality outside of the universe is the body of the growing baby-boy-God. God and the god’s life do not look like our life and our world. God is infinite. God’s consciousness and energy is lit up everywhere, functioning secretly within the human body and the world. Undoubtedly, in spite of the infant’s age, the God is aware of itself and of every separate intelligent life within creation.

Thus we belong to something that is greater than ourselves. The baby-god, he is bigger than anything we have dreamed before, he is us, and his personality is our objective reality. The human energy enriched and enlightened by the human’s efforts and the human’s suffering, is flowing back into the god’s body, affecting it and making it grow. At the same time, consciousness of any intelligent life in creation, including humanity itself, is growing up from century to century, and becomes consciousness of divine being. Then this enlightened consciousness and energy are coming back to humanity transforming and revolutionizing it. Thus the evolution of the intelligent life in creation is going on within and inside of the growing god. This is the hardest, full of the suffering way of intelligent life in creation to the birth of a divine being. The birth of God is the transformation of the world, and at the same time is a resurrection of every human being who ever lived in creation.

The growing fetus-god is the eternal wellspring of all existence, termed in the most of philosophical systems, the ONE. Therefore, everything existing in our creation is not actually separated, but is mutually enfolded within each other as different aspects of a single reality. The human being in its essential nature is a soul, and the soul, being directly derived from the absolute ONE, is fundamentally identical with it. We can say now that humankind is not the final product of evolution, but an intermediate step to the higher form, to the absolute, that has become involved in matter to develop itself. By the way, the evolutionary ascent, being performed by matter, is directed by consciousness itself. Thus, the evolution of intelligent life in creation, the transformation of consciousness from epoch to epoch, is the model of growth and development of divine being. By this mechanism, the essence of life transforms itself from the stage of embryo to infancy. The process of development of the divine being from infancy to adulthood is much more complex by itself, but in common, it is mirrored in the development of the human from the moment of birth to old age.

In some sense our world doesn’t have space and time. At any moment God exists everywhere. We are the atoms of God, and the god’s body and the god’s personality is our objective world. We are experiencing that objective world in our consciousness and in our mind. When we think deeply about something, we do not feel the time, we do not feel the space. The constraints of the material world are absent in thought, along with the laws of physics. They can be represented in thought, and variously manipulated, but they themselves do not belong to the world of thought. We are losing the feeling of time and space simply because when we are thinking we become ONE again. For that ONE time, space and the laws of physics don’t exist at all. From the other side, our thoughts teach us about a world of free will, a world where thinking is equivalent to doing.

All of what we experience is the god-fetus’ consciousness, his personal growth and development. He is undoubtedly aware of himself. It is his force that creates an invisible link among everything in the world, creates Resistance and Gravitation, and creates a Love. It is this force that pushes our hands and minds, using our souls for it. We live our lives, working hard, raising our children, seeking better lives for ourselves, enjoying and suffering our lives, involving more and more energy and consciousness in the process of life. And that entire time god’s personality and the god’s body are growing and growing. The whole of creation has been involved in the process of evolution, in the process of the rise of complexity, transforming the inner world of people, stars, planets, universe and creation itself into ONE indescribable creature that is God. It leads us to a new vision of reality – one where non-physical reality of consciousness and physical objective reality of matter link to each other inextricably. Since this link lies outside of the spatial-temporal realm, the explanation lies outside of the world of science, but in the metaphysical world of spirituality. These two worlds – physical and spiritual – from outside appear as a unity. Being the elements of one body, the world of consciousness has direct causative effect on the physical world. Obviously there is also an opposite influence of the physical component.

Consciousness shapes our material world by intelligence. It moves forms and directs our thoughts. Consciousness fills our lives by intelligence. It creates languages, new concepts, cultures and morals. It provides the global evolution of life. The boundaries between the individual and the whole of creation are not fixed and absolute. We experience the objective reality in our consciousness that is a part of God’s personality. Respectively, our personal physical bodies are part of God’s body. Therefore, returning to the question of the space-time, consciousness and matter being parts of a higher reality are not confined to the space-time, but are capable of overcoming its limitations.

The physical world of matter and spiritual world of consciousness are two major components providing the global development and evolution of mind and consciousness equally. In other words it is providing in the WORLD the global development and evolution of the LIFE itself. Obviously the six-dimensional world of our Big Parents by itself is the part of the next dimension and the chain of Life is really infinite. There is no permanence, no immutability in the world; moreover the fundamental character of reality is change itself in direction of growth and creativity.

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