Another Reality


Tatyana Soloveva

There is a good expression that better to see once than to hear hundred times. This theory would never be created without all of these space traveling, bright meetings with unusual species, and the shocking visions that happened the long time ago but kept in my memory as fresh as it was yesterday.  All of that helped me to put everything in order, to see connections among all events, and finally to understand the mechanism of work of our Creation.

Giant’s Office

I remember myself being far from the earth and entering into a dark tunnel. The first thing I saw inside was a capsule looking like a tube of rubber with two rims, and that tube reminded me of a huge digit eight. When I got close enough to the entrance of the capsule, I was literally pulled in by some force, and placed at the middle, or better to say at the throat of the capsule-tube. Being moved by some force, the capsule almost immediately developed the speed of light, and obeying it my body (better to say the body of my soul) began stretching out as if being pulled apart, making the resistance as small as possible. Without any effort from my side my body was carried forward and forward toward the moon.

The darkness inside of the capsule was not an absolute. I saw the weak gleam of light pouring out of the metallic walls, out of the circling and rushing along particles and, especially, out of the dotted line in the middle of the capsule’s internal space. The whirled stream of particles was twirling in different directions depending on the side of that tube. At both sides of the tube the twirling was directed toward the center. That ride didn’t take long – just a few seconds and I was pretty far from the earth. Seemingly, it was bitterly cold around, but I didn’t feel it at all. In spite of the darkness, quietness and emptiness the space had created the unusual and strange feeling of a breathing vacuum by its rustling silence. Expecting something unusual, I pulled in the big quantum of energy and made one more movement forward, toward something that suddenly opened up to me.

That something, being an oval isolated and aerial space, was lit up by a bright blue color and overfilled by the unusual sensation of love, joy, peace, glee and warmth. I was literally wrapped up by that wave of light and happiness. Opposite the entrance was seen a big laughing man sitting on some high place. That place looked like an oval platform, freely hovering in the air, with a high-backed chair on it. The matter of the platform was similar to pumice, having the same bubbled structure; however, the material of the chair was seemingly more solid. At that moment I had just one thought: “This is Heaven and the man is the Godfather”. He was sitting exactly opposite the entrance, and all his big body expressed the relaxation and joy of the moment.

That person had a beautiful intelligent face, and all features of his face were strong and clear. In the earth’s comprehension, it was a handsome man in his early fifties. His forehead, eyes, nose, mouth – everything within his face – was very nice and harmonic. His short grayish hairs, small beard and moustache were curled. He wore something simple – white and folded like the toga of the ancient Greeks or Romans, and the fabric of that toga looked like it was made from cotton. That toga covered his hands and his elbow, and his legs up to the middle of the calf. The skin of visible parts of his body was firm and a little pinkish. He didn’t wear any shoes and his bare feet looked as if he had not walked a lot in his life. He was a little overweight, same as an earthly man at his age.

He was a real giant – his height was approximately four or five times as big as a human’s. He was sitting on a high-backed chair resembling a throne. His knees were spread out a little bit, and both hands were setting on the knees, and he was bursting out into a childish laugh watching the cheerful mess below him. And down below with the grace of flowers, was rolling over, chattering, turning round, jumping and laughing a big crowd of the souls. They had a common name – Thrones. The number of Thrones was about thirty. The behavior of these small creatures resembled in many respects the children’s behavior by their careless laugh, excitement, their happy chatting and their spontaneous movements. The brightly colored aura around the small heads – blue, pink, green, yellow – looked like a girl’s bows.

Everyone was in motion, in high spirits, in unison with the atmosphere of that place, the place of love, excitement and a carefree attitude. Every soul was laughing, chatting and obviously having a good time. The appearance of them was identical to all souls.

Seeing this picture, I momentarily forgot everything, jumped into the crowd and started happily chattering something with the Thrones, laughing and turning round. Thrones, seeing a new one, surrounded me and began a quick discussion of the news and the regular events of the universe. One small Throne, excitedly looking at me, screamed in his loud, thin, childish voice – “Hey, look at me! I can jump over my head!” And Throne jumped a few times, rolling over in the air. I watched him happily laughing. But suddenly I remembered about the time, goals and my body waiting on the earth. I jumped out of the crowd, flew around the backside of the Giant’s Throne, and took a seat on the platform on his left side.

By the way, the Giant-God was no more contemplating the angels, his eyes were directed up to the cosmos and his head made small movements up and down left and right as if trying to catch something out there. It looked as if he was trying to establish mental connection between himself and something that was pretty far from this place, possibly outside of the universe. Behind the giant’s Throne were seen two creatures, twice as big as Thrones, and having the orange aura. These were Archangels. But in spite of the size and range all these creatures had the same appearance – somewhat oval with cloud-like six-ended body and round one-eyed head. Behind god’s throne I noted something else. It was a door leading into some kind of storage, or it might be a small house. Time after time the Archangels disappeared inside that house, seemingly keeping something in it.

From that specific place the earth was like a simple ball, colored in black and brown, and the distance was approximately two hundred thousand miles – the distance between the moon and the earth. By the way, I decided to take a closer look at the earth and started manipulating with space. I turned over from the right side to the left some huge almost transparent page (I think it was a huge computer’s screen), and suddenly the earth became remarkably close as if being lifted by the wave of space. Now was hearing and seeing the humans’ lamenting and crying to Heaven and the stones and sticks were flying up and down in the space. These were wars. And constantly I heard the god’s name being repeated. That gigantic wave of the humans’ crying, lamenting and suffering was rhythmically rising up and reaching Heaven, almost touching the god’s bare foot, falling down to the earth and then starting all over again.

At that time the Archangels, seeing me sitting and waiting, had tried to turn back the god’s attention, but he continued the small movements of his head, and just fanned away from them like from annoying flies. Establishing connection with the outside world, sending and receiving information were parts of his duty, and obviously required a lot of his attention and efforts. But the Archangels were persistent, trying again and again, and finally God turned his head to one of them asking – “What is the matter?” The Archangel was pointing at me, but the god’s glance had moved down to the earth, to the rising and falling waves of the humans’ emotions. He stood up, made a couple of steps at the direction of that picture and took a long look down to the earth, and to the huge rising wave of the human’s emotions that was almost touching the platform and his bare foot. The god’s gigantic figure in the freely falling down white clothes looked very imposing, and his face expressed now disappointment – people bothered him all time and drew him off the job. Then his attention was turned to me and I momentarily got a feeling that I was just a careless child, a small one that could make mistakes. And the God, he is the father and he has rights to judge and punish. God’s voice was sounding like a thunderstorm, when he was rigorously looking at me and telling me the punishment. I obediently listened, nodded, and rapidly rushed down back toward the earth

At that time the Archangels, seeing me sitting and waiting, had tried to turn back the god’s attention, but he continued the small movements of his head, and just fanned away from them like from annoying flies. Establishing connection with the outside world, sending and receiving information were parts of his duty, and obviously required a lot of his attention and efforts. But the Archangels were persistent, trying again and again, and finally God turned his head to one of them asking – “What is the matter?” The Archangel was pointing at me, but the god’s glance had moved down to the earth, to the rising and falling waves of the humans’ emotions. He stood up, made a couple of steps at the direction of that picture and took a long look down to the earth, and to the huge rising wave of the human’s emotions that was almost touching the platform and his bare foot. The god’s gigantic figure in the freely falling down white clothes looked very imposing, and his face expressed now disappointment – people bothered him all time and drew him off the job. Then his attention was turned to me and I momentarily got a feeling that I was just a careless child, a small one that could make mistakes. And the God, he is the father and he has rights to judge and punish. God’s voice was sounding like a thunderstorm, when he was rigorously looking at me and telling me the punishment. I obediently listened, nodded, and rapidly rushed down back toward the earth.


To the outside viewer, Heaven is a big aerial and bounded space. But in reality, this place is not visible outside. To get in, I penetrated the invisible surface of something solid. I think it was the surface of the moon. First of all, this place amazes you by its bright blue color the air, and by the unusual feeling of happiness. This is another reality and, in comparison with the earth’s life, everything is completely different. Let us start from the light. In spite of the absence of any source, the heaven’s light is soft and bright. The light is simply lit up everywhere. The nature of heaven’s light is absolutely different; it seems that the light is coming out of the particles of the air itself.

The next thing that surprised me was the huge wave of positive emotions that simply covered you up and knocked you down. The emotions, overfilling this place, are coming from the Thrones. Same as children, these funny guys are full of energy and obviously cannot stay quiet even a minute. However, in spite of their childish behavior, the Thrones are very good helpers and friends of God. They are playing and chatting in the front of god’s throne. God’s throne is freely hovering in the air signifying that the gravitation force doesn’t exist there. The human being is a really replica of Giant. Possibly, man is giant’s clone. The only difference is Giant’s consciousness, his internal world. He doesn’t have a soul and his consciousness is directly arising out of his brain, giving him all that power. This kind of creature could not be born in the universe. Being in that place, I had a solid feeling that there should be something outside of the universe.

At the Hospital

When I stepped in those ward, first of all I noted two souls hovering under the ceiling and excitedly talking to each other. One was seemingly younger than the other. They immediately saw me, took a brief look at me, and continued their conversation, vividly gesticulating by the ends of their sectors, using them as an ordinary hands. There were two beds in the ward. One of them was empty, but the other one was occupied by a very young woman, almost a girl. She was lying on the bed, her eyes were wide open and she was repeatedly calling her mother, while her mother was sitting nearby helplessly watching her dying daughter. I clearly saw the shreds that were stretched out from the younger soul to the girl’s body. Seemingly the shreds were touching the body from the top of the head until the groin, leaving untouched the girl’s hands and legs. At that time I didn’t get any of the joyful emotions from the souls. The souls were looking down on the people in a disapproving and condemnatory manner.

Creature from Chaos

At age of five I had experienced a horrible meeting with the creature from Chaos, from the unstructured part of Creation. It was summer time, afternoon, and I was playing outside with my girlfriends. Suddenly, I got the strong wish to run home. My parents were sitting outside of the apartment, chatting with neighbors. When I was running by, my dad asked me, what I wanted at home. I stopped for a moment then answered quickly: “My doll”, and rushed inside. I had run into the apartment and stopped trying to understand what I was actually doing there. Then I took my doll and sat down on the floor intending to play with her. At that moment I heard the strange noise from the other room, as if some big bird landed outside of the window. I came into that room holding the doll to my chest. The window was closed, and for a quick moment I saw the regular, small bird outside. At the next second, my soul quickly rised from my body, switching my consciousness to the consciousness of the soul, and I started seeing by my soul’s eye. The horror I was seeing outside was impossible to describe in human words.

The huge, eagle-like, shining by yellow-black energy creature was clinging to the wooden window’s frame, shaking it and trying to open it. The gigantic wave of the inhuman cruelty was pouring out of him, and it was not hatred at all – it was exactly inhuman cruelty. That creature, obviously having an intellect, had a completely different level of consciousness, and everything was dark, dark and dark again about him. Its consciousness was not soul-like – nothing was soft, understandable, kind and warm, having the same background and goals. I had sensed inside him the haughtiness and contempt for our low level form of life, and at the same time, I had clearly felt some hurriedness inside his mind, some unwillingness to be seen here, or to be caught here in the universe jail. By the way, that creature was not “he” or “she” – it was “it”.  Same as souls, they do not have a sex. It was a perfect example of the unstructured life of the Chaos. He had such specific abhorrent and shining yellow color, a kind of mix of black and yellow colors. Actually, it was yellow, but with the tiny invisible black spots, and, in spite of the yellow color, that creature had an absolutely black shine around him. Summarizing all together, I would say, that it was shine aggressive full of yellow energy horror in the frame of the window.

That creature was eagle shaped, had a small bird’s head with the tiny absolutely black eyes. He was nastily moving his head from one side to the other as if trying to catch the sense of my presence, shaking the frame of the window. While that creature had tried to open the window, I was frozen in the middle of the room with the doll at my chest. I had had an instant knowledge that if he had been able to open the window, my parents would have found my dead body. Then, after some unsuccessful efforts he was gone, and it was absolutely clear that he intended to interrupt the mission of my life by taking my soul away.


Chaos was created first and filled by creatures looking like birds, like eagles. The universe in its turn was created using the space of Chaos. I had met one of these horrible creatures on my early childhood. That one was eagle shaped, shiny, huge and very aggressive. His intention was to kill me and to take my soul away. The expanding universe, using the space of chaos, creates big trouble for them, and they are making all possible efforts to stop it, haunting for Seraphs and Cherubs, trying to interrupt their combined function of the initiation life in the universe.

As usual the habitant of Chaos takes the appearance of the regular bird. Humanity keeps a lot of myths and fairy tales about it. More often they appear in front of the desired soul in her childhood period, when the soul is weak, helpless and not able to protect itself.  However, that shiny horror, being determined to kill, seemingly, didn’t feel itself comfortable inside the universe. Universe, being a huge neighborhood, is very well guarded by Powers, and Powers are good and evil at the same time. So, to be caught there was quite dangerous for the inhabitants of Chaos.

Soul – Body Relation

I was standing in the front of our apartment and watching my neighbor, an old man, who was sitting nearby and reading the newspaper. What I was really watching was his soul that was rising up and down from the man’s head. The two opposite sectors of his soul’s body were swinging up and down as the ordinary hands, and the same familiar wave of joy and excitement was coming down on me. The behavior of that soul reminded me of the behavior of a careless child in the anticipation of a long and joyful vacation. That man died a few days later.

Soul and Human’s Suicide

I always knew that Kate – our neighbor, had a weak character or better to say a weak soul. She was about thirty-three and had two kids – a daughter of eight, and a son of four. Her husband suddenly died from a heart attack. That tragic event had broken Kate completely. She was absolutely lost and never stopped talking to her dead husband. Then after few months she committed suicide, hanging herself by a rope in her own kitchen. Moved by curiosity, the other neighbors and (we) kids came to the Kate’s apartment to take a look at the dead body. The body was hanging from the left side of the door, and I was terrified by the ugly expression of death on her face. But more than that, I was amazed and scared by Kate’s soul. The soul was near the ceiling, quickly and nervously moving back and forth. The expression of the soul’s face clearly said to me that the soul was very upset, scared and unhappy at such an ending of the person’s life. Moreover, I noted that the soul tried not to look in the body’s direction. Obviously, the look of the body aroused the sense of disgust in the soul. Noting me, the soul made a sudden and quick move at my face, scaring me and making me quickly move back.

Soul and Human’s Disease

The next few passages show the soul’s attitude towards the human diseases, and a really unlimited power of our souls. Meanwhile, there is some piquant detail in it, characterizing souls from the unusual side. I noted that the souls were frequently doing the treatment of the human body for fun. They had obviously tried to surprise human beings, showing the amazing process of treatment. Moreover, every time, when I saw inside the human’s body, I had clearly heard: “Ok, watch, watch. WE let you do it this time”. I clearly sensed that the thought was always accompanied by the ironical smile, and every time, it was exactly “WE”. The days of vision were always preceded by some slowness inside my mind, some restrain. At those moments the reality had disappeared from my sight and the inner side of the human body was opened to my vision. Later, I had noted one more interesting feature, that the vision was never opened to the healthy body, only to the sick one.

The first one that my memory is still keeping happened when I was six years old. I was sitting and playing with my girlfriends and with my little sister. When I got up on my legs, my sister was sitting exactly on the left side of me. For some reason, I turned my head left and my glance fell down at my sister’s head and suddenly I started to see inside it. Now, I understand that at those moments my consciousness had been switching to the soul’s consciousness and, actually I was seeing by the soul’s eye. The picture of the human’s head anatomy was amazing for a six years old kid. I was not scared, not at all. I was surprised and just thought: “What is it?” First of all, I saw inside her head a big red vein that wound around in the narrow space between two central bones. Obviously, that space was not enough for the vein because the vein had a pressed appearance and the blood was flowing through it with a big effort. My sister, being just a three years old child, often suffered from headaches, and that inborn defect was a major reason for it. That vision didn’t last long enough to be helpful. Somebody touched my hand and my attention was switched to another subject.

The other one time I was nine years old, sitting on a chair and reading a book. My older brother was exercising nearby inside the doorway. I got my head up and turned it left to take a look at him, and suddenly the surrounding world disappeared from me, and I had been watching my brother’s working heart. At that time I knew nothing about the human anatomy, but somehow I was absolutely sure that the working thing was called the heart. At that moment, I got the same thought again: “OK, watch, watch. WE let you do it this time”. The heart had a light-pink color, and was rhythmically compressed and uncompressed. In its bottom, the heart had a small stroll (pulmonary trunk), and the tiny balls of the air were rhythmically pushed out of this stroll synchronically with the heart’s movements. The bottom of the stroll, the place of linking to the heart, was narrower than it had to be. At least, I did have the feeling that it should be wider. Obviously, it was not easy for the air balls to go through that narrow stroll, and it had taken a lot of effort. For some reason, I was uncomfortable with that narrowness and had made it a little wider.  Since that time, my brother, who frequently had experienced some stitches in the heart, noticed that it stopped.

The third time I had the vision I was adult and already working at some company. I was standing near my female-coworker’s desk, and she was asking me something about her project, showing me some printed fragments of her computer program. When I was getting my eyes up, answering something, my glance had suddenly moved to her chest. From that moment my consciousness was switched to the soul’s consciousness opening the amazing view of the human’s lungs. The lungs were a deep red color and had a black thin horizontal line going through both upper parts of it. I held my eyes, watching the lungs, than moved my eyes lower and stopped again, staring at the abdominal region that looked like a huge spider with thick masculine pink-colored feelers. Than my eyes moved down, but suddenly I got lazy and decided not to do it, and after that my consciousness had returned to my regular state. It was definitely the beginning of a lung cancer. That woman was a big smoker, had a heavy cough and many times I saw some unclear black spots in the aura of her chest, but not as colorful and certain as it was the first time. Through my life I had experienced those visions a lot. At the moments of vision, I obviously was not able to control the features of my face, and when I was back to reality, I saw some strange look in the peoples’ eyes. I think that at the time of vision the features of my face became distorted with a grimace.

The last time I helped somebody was in 2005 year. I just started working at the new company and liked everything about my job. Suddenly my manager got in the hospital. Apparently he was very ill. Everyday his friend sent us the emails about his condition and it was worse and worse. The first couple weeks I didn’t realize that he is actually dying. I thought that everybody can get sick and after some time he will be healthy again. But it was not. The doctor kept him unconscious all time and gave him only twenty percent of survival. After some number of emails I got the conscious thought that he is dying. At the same moment suddenly I got a vision of him laying in some concreted trapezium like tunnel, wearing the dark suit and white shirt and some force was pulling him on his legs inside the tunnel. I was able to see only his temple, a few more moments and he would disappear inside it. Then my soul made a quick and strong movement forward and pushed the top layer back, and that was it. Next couple days his condition was the same, after that the emails were more and more optimistic. When he came back to work he said that now he has one more birthday. After that we were working together two more years.

Unusual Visitor

Once I was awaken in the middle of the night, feeling that something was touching inside of my belly. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at some strange big shining creature above me. I was not scared just a little surprised. Actually it was not even a surprise. I didn’t have any emotions at that moment and had feeling of some emptiness inside me, like if something was removed from me, however leaving me the ability to think.

Three shining lines were stretched out from that creature to my body – one line to my head, the second to my heart and the third one to my belly, and the third line was slowly circling around my belly. I had clearly felt the touchiness inside my belly, at my mucous membrane. That creature had an oval body approximately one yard in radius, round head with the only eye. The body had six membranous sectors upcoming to the head, and the borders between the sectors were thick, raised and masculine. All its face was covered by deep wrinkles. The expression of its face was very serious, concentrated on what it did, and at the same time was intelligent, soft and kind. Besides it, I had sensed a presence of some others behind that creature. Others were not seen but I had heard the respectful whisper from them. The soul noticed my opened eyes and I saw the smirk on its face. At the same time I had clearly heard her thought about me: “just hinder me from working”. After that the soul pulled up the headline and I immediately fell asleep, knowing nothing after that.

At that time, I didn’t have any idea what it was all about, and how important it was for my life. That amazing picture was the healing session, and my soul had healed the body where she lived in. I still remember it clearly because I was awaked in the middle of the session. The soul body was barely vibrated from pressing and un-pressing efforts. Obviously these movements had produced the healing raises that poured out from the surface of the soul’s body. It seemed that the every single cell of the soul’s body was getting vibration. At the same time, the vibration, producing the healing raises, made the soul’s body shining brightly. I didn’t have any emotions at that moment. I found myself mechanically registering every movement around me:

“it is huge and shining”;

“something is touching inside of my belly”;

“I hear the whisper behind the creature”;

“it noted me”;

“it thinks that I might interrupt it”;

“it smiled at me”.

No one emotion touched my mind while I was lying and thinking about it. I was kind of empty inside. At that moment, I was able to see and hear my soul, because the shield created by the soul was out and I had had just my mind within me.

After death

The next story had happened exactly on the fortieth day after my friend Nadia’s death, showing some moments of the soul’s after death journey. Nadia came to me in the middle of the night accompanied by two other souls that were noticeably bigger than she was. She didn’t have her human’s appearance and looked like the ordinary soul. Nadia looked very tired of everything, of a long fight with disease – breast cancer, of her forty days journey within another world, and she let me know that she was taken up to the OutOfUniverse World. Having suffered a lot, she definitely needed some rest. By the way, two other souls were looking at my body with the expression of displeasure and disgust. They wanted me to come with them, expressing it as: “La ma ma kani, La ma ma kani” or may be “Lamma savath fani, lamma savath fani”. In the soul’s language it means – come with us, come with us. But I answered that I didn’t finish my task, and my time had not come yet, and soon they were gone.

Entrance to Hell

The next two pictures of my journeys show some short moments of underworld activity. Imagine some big, empty, square-shaped, high-ceiling, bright-lightened room. I am in the upper right corner of the ceiling, looking down in amazement. I had had a solid feeling that that place was within the earth, but the center of the coordinates system   was somehow shifted down. In the middle of the room was hanging down from the ceiling a thick white rope. Two devils, clinging to the both sides of the rope, were rhythmically swaying up and down from one side to another. They were clean, healthy, well-fed creatures with short, brown fur, pig’s snouts, hooves, tails and black eyes. I didn’t feel the presence of any intellect in them; however, they obviously had a quick mind and a good reaction to every upcoming creature. Those were sinking animals, and they were as big as humans. Same as souls, devils are sexless, so there is neither “he” nor “she” among them – all of them are “it”. The devils immediately felt my presence, raised their heads and looked up at me, and then continued their quiet motion, as if saying – “This one doesn’t belong here”. Their eyes, automatically registering everything around, expressed nothing, and no one emotion was touching their minds. The devils were absolutely quiet and obviously awaiting for something. They looked like the guards on duty, and the room looked like the entrance to something. It was entrance to Hell, and on the opposite wall was seen a small door seemingly leading down.

The other one picture of the underworld was on the other side of the door, on the lower level. At that time the room was completely opposite – barely lighted, low ceiled and long stretched. My position was again on the level of the ceiling, and I was looking down surprised by the picture. In the middle of the room was placed an ordinary billiard table covered by green soft fabric, and some strange small human-like creature (I believe the common name of them is dwarf) was thoughtfully and slowly walking around the table. And again, same as devils, that creature was obviously sexless. The fashion of his clothes resembled a man’s clothes of the seventeenth century. At that time, I had sensed the presence of intellect in him, but that intellect was inhumanly cruel and wild. He momentarily got a feeling of my presence, made a few quick steps on his small legs in my direction, lifted his head and I saw the same abhorrent yellow color of the eyes, similar to the body-color of the Destroyer. Feeling horror, I immediately rushed away.


By derivation hell denotes a dark and hidden place. Hell in theological usage is a place of punishment after death, or in the strict senses the place of punishment for the damned. Where is hell? The Bible seems to point that hell is within the earth, for it describes hell as an abyss to which the wicked descend. Theologians generally accept the opinion that hell is really within the earth. The Church has decided nothing on this subject. The existence of hell is proved first of all from the Bible. If we abstract from the eternity of the pains of hell, the existence of hell can be demonstrated even by the light of mere reason. If all men were absolutely sure that the sinner is not going to be punished after the death, moral and social order would be seriously menaced. This, however, Divine wisdom cannot permit.

What does hell mean on the physical level? – Because it is a physical world anyway. Actually it is within the earth, just the different level – deeply underground. The number of dwarfs living on that level is significant, and the size of all of them is half of a human’s. The reason of such small size lies in the smaller size of the sinned soul. The appearance of these creatures is varied from animal-like to humanlike depending on the hell’s circle. The major goal of this life is to make the soul feel torment, torment and torment again, until it grows up enough to be placed again into the human body.

On my underground journeys I didn’t see much of the internal life of Hell. What I saw was just an entrance to Hell. The creatures that guarded that entrance were absolutely different from all spiritual creatures I met in the universe. The devils, actually, are not spiritual creatures. I had the certain feeling that they didn’t have any consciousness at all. They were good trained thinking animals. They were kind of empty inside; no one emotion touched their minds. Devils have only mind and no consciousness.

Meeting of Virtues

The next journey was not as informative as the previous one, but it clearly demonstrated the soul’s activity within the universe. At that time I didn’t use the transportation tunnel, because the location of the meeting was close enough to the earth. It was a regular place for the meetings, not far from the earth just a few hundred miles, and from that place were seen the phosphorescent green lines of the cosmic power stations collecting energy day and night. Passing them, I gave a brief look at them, noting their presence.

Approaching to the place of meeting, first of all I saw about ten souls, impatiently moving back and forward and seemingly awaiting something. The gathering souls were looking in one direction, discussing the stars generously scattered around, sharing the information. They were excited, preoccupied by something and obviously awaiting something or rather somebody very important. Their common name was Virtues, and they were not the souls living in the body. The appearance of Virtues was not different from Thrones – the same round shaped, boneless and masculine six-sectored body and baldhead with the only eye. At the same time I had the internal feeling that they looked like they are wearing the office suits. I think because they were so overfilled by the importance of the current mission.

I was so glad about the possibility to see and talk to self-alike and to take some energy from the space. It looked like a family meeting – everybody was so happy to see each other, and at the same time it was a little sad event, because everybody had its own duties and should be back to it soon. By the way a few of them surrounded me and using the image of the opened brown covered book with the star’s map, showed me the small star in the upper right corner of this map. “This is an Ale…tra, you came from this star. This is an Ale…tra, you came from this star.” – they shouted in their thin, childish voices. For some reason, it was important for them to let me know where I came from, and they repeated it again and again, as though knowing it would change something for me. However, I was not very excited about that and just confusedly thought: ” Ale…tra or something else– so what, I came from this star or from another, it doesn’t make any difference now”.

The other Virtues were impatiently moving back and forward. They were doing an important job. The body for the expected soul had to be born on the earth in the morning, and they were going to escort the newborn soul to that place. It was not an ordinary soul; it belonged to the highest echelon of the spiritual beings. Its mission was very important, and everything in the event had to be smooth. The body for this soul was chosen a long time before. That upcoming soul was a Cherub, and for some reason Virtues wanted two Cherubs meet each other. When the newborn Cherub approached the meeting, everybody exhaled with a deep satisfaction – everything was going in accordance with the plan. The Cherub looked exactly like an ordinary soul, but the size of its body was really huge, almost a yard in radius. It looked excited and ready to take the new job in the human’s body. I felt some eagerness and impatience inside it. We talked to each other a little bit and I rushed down to the earth.


Everything has to be named, and without naming things, nothing can come into being. St. Thomas divides the souls into three hierarchies each of which contains three orders. In the first hierarchy he places the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones; in the second, the Dominations, Virtues, and Powers; in the third, the Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. The primary significance of these nine ranges lies not in who or what they are, but rather in what they do, what their duties are. Every soul was created and trained to perform some particular job within the universe. For this reason the soul skills are limited and all souls belonging to the one range have the same size and skills.


Cherubs are the first angels to be encountered in the Bible. It is angels of Knowledge and spirits of life or guards of the “Tree of Life”. It is a huge and powerful enough creature to be responsible for the life on the planet. When the building process is completed and the planet is ready to accept life, the cherub’s job is started – cloning the first people on the planet. Cherub looks like an ordinary soul, having just the huge size of the body. The color of an aura around the cherub’s head is blue. The people, having this soul, are getting the possibility of the extrasensory perception and bio-energy healing. The artists have usually painted the cherub having six wings, taking its six-ended body as wings. The face is painted close to the human familiar face, because the movements and turnings of this creature is so fast, that it is hard to note the real features of its face. Cherub is responsible for the life and death on the planet.


Among all souls Seraph is the largest one. It is an angel of Love. Seraphs look like the ordinary soul – six-ended body, round head with just one eye. Their size is two times bigger than the size of the regular soul. The color of an aura around the seraph’s head is white. The seraph is responsible for the creation of the other souls. When some planet is ready to be populated and the cherub’s job is almost over, the seraph’s job is started. Ordinarily, this job is being performed on some special planet, chosen exclusively for this purpose. The people, who have this soul, are noted to be not ordinarily kind-hearted. Seraphs are generally accepted to be the highest order of god’s angelic servants.


Thrones, as follows from the name, reside around Giant-God’s throne. They are messengers between the Giant – God and the Earth. The patterns of creation are their home. Thrones are really easygoing guys, and their behavior reminds us of the behavior of careless children. When they are gathering together, they are jumping, laughing, rolling over and etc. The number of thrones is about thirty per every existing office in the universe.


Dominions, according to Dionysius “regulate angels’ duties”. They appoint thing to be done. Dominions are channels of mercy according to some other authorities.


Powers appear to act as border guards who patrol the universe pathways on the lookout for chaos or devilish infiltration. These patrols are obviously a risky business and Powers have to be both good and evil. Powers often have battles with the intruders from chaos, from the unstructured part of creation, hunting for the human body. Powers use the beam of energy as a formidable weapon against the intruders. Sometimes, if the number of enemies is too large, they call for the help from the earth and the high-ranged human souls such as Seraphs or Cherubs participate in the battle.


Principalities are the chief chef to the angels. Principalities, whose name means beginners, begin what must be done.


According to Dionysius, archangels are messengers, who carry divine decrees. They are considered the most important intercessors between Giants and humans and it is they who command the legions of heaven in their constant battle with the sons of darkness. At the same time two Archangels are constantly present in God’s office and appear to be the most close to God of all the servants.


Angels are the common names of all souls. In the Latin language it is angelus or spirit-messenger, in Greek it is aggelos or divine messenger, in Hebrew it is “one sent”. Throughout the Bible, angels are represented as spiritual beings intermediate between god and man, god’s messengers to mankind. Same as man, angels were created at the beginning of the universe and man was created after them. The angelic powers of intellect and will are far more perfect and powerful than those of man because they are not restricted by limitations of the body. They are not getting knowledge as we do, but are co-created with a participation of the divine knowledge. Angels sometimes called “the intelligences” or “separated substances” and as spirits the angels have great power over the material universe.


Virtues are carrying out what must be done. This soul was created with readiness to acts conformable to human rational nature, to be consonant with the human nature. Virtues escort the soul when the body has to be born, and escort the souls after the death of the body to the new body or to the World of Giants or to Hell, depending on the soul’s fate. Virtues are always serious and preoccupied by their duties.

I had met Virtues few times in my travels around the universe. Among all the soul’s ranges Virtues take a place in the second triad. The army of Virtues is huge in accordance with the number of newborn babies. The job of Virtue is very important, because, the late coming soul can cause stillborn baby, and time-by-time it happens, in spite of perfectly organized machine of our universe. On my last meeting with Virtues, they were impatiently waiting the upcoming Cherub. The body for the Cherub was carefully chosen a long time before, and delay of the soul could cost a really catastrophe for the whole business.  It was 1990 year, somewhere between March and May, and I think the new born Cherub was a girl from China.

Cherub’s Duty

On my memory I performed that work twice in my life, and the last one was in 2003 – 2004.

When newly built planet is ready to be populated the Cherub’s job starts. The creation life process lasts about one year and is repeated once in a planet existence.  The revival process is divided for a few steps, and all steps are computerized.

Step one. Golden and Black Tablets.

This is a starting step. At this step cherub initiates “software” of the Golden and Black Tablets. Actually these tablets represent the “Three of Life”. The golden tablets are the tablets of the life. The black – are the tablets of the death. They are two parts of the same “software” and must be initiated simultaneously. Every part has its own unique key. Each tablet is monolithic, and looks like seven or eight small square sheets rounded at both bottom ends and cascaded one from another. The key is clipped at the upper part of the tablets and has the same color short chain, and looks like one of the small sheets. The golden tablets have a golden chain and a golden key. The black tablets, accordingly, have a black chain and a black key. Every sheet of the tablets opens separately from the others, putting the key on it. Every sheet of the tablets is kind of a floppy disk keeping the appropriate “software” in it. Every sheet of the golden tablets has chemical and physical formula of one of the aspects of the earthly life: human, animal, plant, water, air, and earth. Every sheet of the black tablets accordingly has a formula of the death of each of the six aspects.  When this process is started, it takes approximately a month to be finished.

Step two. Three Tapes.

At this step cherub initiates another “software”. This “software” is complex enough and has three main programs. The using “hardware” is pretty similar to the modern, known on the earth. It reminds me the Mainframe computer, large and powerful data processing systems. Imagine the huge room, and Mainframe computer placed along the three walls. In the middle of the room there is a big rectangular-like machine. Its three sides covered by metal, and facing the three mainframe walls. The fourth side of machine (wide side) has a hole and connected to kind of a gutter.

There are three tapes on the wall to keep all software. The first one is the largest.  This program is necessary to build the figures of people, to build bodies and faces. The second tape is the smallest. It is used to build human’s brain. The third one is almost as big as the first. It is used to build all internal organs. Cherub takes the tape, using two opposites sectors of its body as hands, hang up it on the “computer wall” and push the start button. The same process is repeated for the second and the third tapes. Almost immediately gutter has been filled with the biological mass looking like dough and the human bodies start growing from it. They already look like people, but all of them are bald and lifeless. After this process is started, it takes approximately nine months to be completed. The human beings are cloned from the cells of Giants.

Step three. The Ghost Enters the Machine.

At this step Cherub binds the shiny newborn soul with the human body. At this time, the seraph’s job should be finished and a particular number of the newborn souls are ready to be placed into the human body. For this purpose, the huge avalanche of souls is being transported to the desired planet. Thus, the whole process of initiation of life on the planet takes about a year.

The Psychic Attack

Once, searching through Internet I run against Switzerland’s website where author was talking about humanity, universe, creation, that everything is One and etc. It was close to my own vision of the world and I sent him one of my articles where I described my journey to Heaven and my meeting with Giant-God.

At the same night I was awaked by some angry voice that was screaming in my ears: “Where did you learn it?”, “Where did you learn it?”, “Where did you learn it?”. I sat on my bed and my first thought was: “Who is it? God? No it doesn’t sound like him.”

Suddenly I felt terrible pain on my waistline and at the same time I got a vision that I am an insect and somebody is trying to squeeze me between fingers. The pain became unbearable. Next second my soul was out of my body infurious like panther. The soul made a quick movement by its front sector and threw the small ball of energy at the attacker direction.

Next moment I saw the back of some man who was sitting at the desk computer and reading something. He had subtle complexion and wore the dark office suit and the tie. Suddenly he shuddered, grabbed himself by the neck and was excruciatingly trying to get a gulp of air.

The ball of energy hit him on the neck and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. Then I fell asleep and remembered nothing after that. All next week I had strong feeling that somebody is very scared of me and at the same time am ashamed of what he’d done. It was a good lesson for such type of creature; I don’t believe he could ever forget about it. If the ball of energy would be a little bigger, he would be killed instantly.


The soul is always trying to defend its temporary home – the human’s body. Such unfair and unprovoked brutal attack made soul to be extremely furious and to do what it did. I had feeling that that man was not an owner of the website, he was just an employee. His soul was taken from Chaos and for that reason was full of cruelty and hatred. On the Q & A page his replies had a lot of religious notes and he frequently mentioned the name of Christ. Reading that, I had an unpleasant and troubling feeling like seeing something ugly and dangerous.



Once I was invited to spend couple days in the house that was standing at the oceanside. I was sleeping in the basement, where just thick concrete wall was separating basement from the water, and in the middle of the night I had a vision of three strange creatures that were thoughtfully looking at me from the ocean. They had a body of the fish and the round head with long whitish seaweed-like hairs and long moustache and beard. They were kind of ugly, definitely not pretty as mermaids are described on the myths and legends, and looked like men – mermen. They were standing on the bended back tail and their height was about one and half meter. Mermen looked concerned and talked to each other seemingly discussing me. After some time I got a thought: “OK, let her stay here”. They turned back to me and stately swim at the depth of the ocean, lightly moving the tail from side to side. They looked like patrol on the duty, guarding some aria of the ocean.

Their appearance is unusual and kind of scary. As I said they have body of the fish with tale always bended back – they are standing and swimming on the tale. The head is round with two small black eyes, nose and mouse, and placed on the very short neck. Thus the position of the head is similar to the human’s. The whitish hairs, moustache and beard are lightly curled and long – till the middle of the torso, and divided by the thick locks, reminding the seaweeds. Some locks are crossing the face, leaving untouched the eyes, so they look at you through hairs- seaweeds. No emotions are coming from them, so they don’t have consciousness but they have mind. They can talk using their own language. Thus the mermen are thinking animals, performing patrol on entrusted them area of the ocean.


Mermaids are one of the most famous mythical creatures. According to some legends, they do not have a soul. Mermaids were described by the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. He reported seeing three mermaids in the ocean off Haiti, in January of 1493. He said they “came quite high out of the water”, but were “not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.”

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