Tatyana Soloveva

At various times in the history of humanity certain individuals have experienced the unusual states of consciousness that carried them into profoundly different realities. The multiplicity of these facts absolutely clearly suggest the existence of something besides the visible organism, internal to it, but in actuality independent of it, and leading a life of its own. That invisible substance is called the soul. The soul is a specific aspect of the human nature and distinguishes man from the world of animals. Soul has been a great controversy since the beginning of civilization, and many philosophers, scientists, researchers have tried to investigate its existence and its relation to the body.

The human soul is the external outstanding and directing at certain way force within us. Soul, being a source of consciousness and energy for a human, is super-added to make our life belong to a higher priority of being. Humanity itself, as having just mind-mattered body, can count only on the animal’s level of being. People same as souls represent parts of one transcendental reality named the Supreme Intelligence. However, parts of the whole are not the whole itself. The existence of multiple esoteric theories can be explained by the exception of some part of that whole as a whole itself. All of these theories and philosophical systems, being unable to see the whole, take one part of it and develop a sophisticated, complex, but quite unclear explanation of it. This is the reason for such a discrepancy among existing theories. Science, in its turn, relying only on the test and accepting only reasonably consequential relationships, cannot acknowledge the existence of Supreme Intelligence.

This work just modestly trying to explain the idea of the soul and body existence especially in their relation to each other. The soul and the body are two different substances and, they are separated with no substantial and natural connection characterizing a unity. Thus, their relation can be described only accidentally and nominally. This theory is in reality the first step to the theory of everything. This work reveals the true nature of conscious life in Creation. The mystery of birth, death and dreams is explained now in the terms of consciousness and mind. The human life, in spite of its shortness, is the essential key to universal existence. The soul is not just the source of consciousness and energy for a human body, but, in reality, it is the only moving force in the universe, making the last one to be a perfectly operated and maintained machine. The army of the souls, performing all kind of jobs within the universe, is priceless helpers for the suffocating World of Giants. Being a weak shadow of that another reality, the soul is the powerful god of the universe, the God Holy Spirit.

The true reality, being initially and intentionally made inaccessible for a human being, is fourth dimensional by nature. The world of a solid matter, being characterized by three-dimensional space, linear time and implacable reasonableness, and being given to us in our everyday consciousness, by itself doesn’t have an independent existence. Our universe exists while the World of Giants has a necessity in it. That inaccessible another reality lying between our world and undifferentiated cosmic consciousness, is filled by an extraordinary species having an extraordinary energy and an aura of sacredness. Besides it, we have the underworld within the earth. That infrastructure is necessary for the existence and proper functioning of the earth’s system. All of that is signified about existence of the multiply measured reality that is not part of the phenomenal world of our everyday life.

The world scenario, having its absolute beauty, is written by the Supreme Intelligence in all details. However, it doesn’t mean that humanity cannot be an active and creative participant. The creative process is not finished yet and, obviously, will never be. Moreover, the existence of the world, by itself means that an absolute is not achieved yet. In this light, the question about our participation has a positive answer. Humanity, together with the World of Giants, is the active participant in the building process. The whole process, obviously, has a leading line. Of course, no one from that unity has a free choice. I’ve been always so skeptical about it. In my intuitive feelings, the Supreme Intelligence, creating a world scenario, didn’t have much of free choice itself.

This theory takes its stands on the cosmological origin of the soul. It develops a quite different view of the soul-body relation, in comparison to any other researchers. Pre-existence of the soul, its necessary participation in the idea of the life is fundamental concepts here. This doctrine recognizes the physical conditions of the soul’s activity as the source of energy for a human, and its spiritual aspect as the vital unity of the human life. All beings in this world are created from the physical matter. The soul is not an exception to this law. The soul is extra-material being formed within psi and physical matter. Soul actually is a physical thing and can be defined in terms of the material atoms. The soul, belonging to one world, and the body, belonging to another world, is united in one complete principle of action. Accepting the dualism of our consciousness and at the same time the manifold limitations of our being directs us to a higher Cause on which our being depends. At the same time it declares that we are independent inasmuch as we are truly persons or selves.

The body is built using the simplest, structurally split but functionally combined units, the cells. The tissues and organs, in their turn, are separate forms of a higher order. However, all of them perform the important role as parts of one whole organism. We can continue that process at the opposite direction and take a look at the micro-world. The cells contain organelles, which consist from molecules, which are formed from the atoms. The atoms are disintegrated on subatomic parts, which in its turn, are formed from the quarks that are commonly accepted to be the smallest components of matter. No one part of the above examples can be taken as a separate substance independent from the whole system they form. Therefore, everything is a composite aspect of the Oneness, of the One conscious energy.

The intelligent life in creation is getting smarter and smarter from century to century. Rebellious and suffering, joined by love, living and seeking to express itself in growth and creativity, the intelligent life is one growing up fetus-god in our creation-womb, and is the only active part of that Oneness. The essence of life, being consequently split up and getting farther and farther from the source, has also an opposite movement toward that Oneness. To reproduce itself, Supreme Intelligence is creating the worlds, and performing all of these eternal cycles of creation and destruction, she is simply getting her civilization to grow.

From the acts noticed in our individual conscious life, we have to admit the existence of their source and principle, which are the human soul and the human mind. The mind is a spiritual part of the matter of our body. So, our mind, being a function of the matter, is not a substance at all. Soul, being a spiritual, immortal and psi-mattered, is a substance because it has the elements of being, potency and stability. By immortality is understood the future life of the soul after separation from the body. Finally, we have immediate and intimate knowledge of our own conscious unity. I am assured that the soul is the same ultimate principle within me, which feels which originates and directs my thoughts and movements. It is this same principle, which animates my body, which governs all my thoughts, wills and feelings. It is this, which makes me one rational, sentient, living being.

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